With the recent update on December 7th, Konami released a vault of new information to its Duel Links player base. I'm going to break it down to give the community what they need to know.

Kaiba Corporation Report

Konami finally finished aggregating the data of decks, cards, and skills used for its Kaiba Corporation Cup that occurred in November. Let's dive into the statistics:

  1. Top 5 Most Frequently Played Monsters
  2. Top 5 Most Frequent Spell/Trap Cards
  3. Top 5 Most Frequent Duelist Skills

Looking at the above statistics, the majority of second stage KC Cup players used a cyber angel deck as their strategy of choice to compete in the tournament. Loading... proved to be very powerful with its ability to remove monsters, inflict piercing damage, and recycle cards necessary for future ritual summons. Mind Scan also gained immense popularity due to the heavy back-row that non cyber angel decks ran.

Another popular deck that crushed opponents on the ladder was a deck that utilized the Ninjas archetype paired with the skill Three-Star Demotion (3SD). Ninjas with 3SD often put opponents in a deadly scenario on turn 1 if they opened with Loading... , a versatile card that can be difficult to deal with without support. Duel Links Meta's very own Dkayed used Ninja's to dominate the ladder and achieve rank 1 global with this deck.

Cyber Angels and Ninjas both earned their right to a Tier 1 spot in the current meta. However, Konami stated that they received a large amount of feedback requesting metagame balancing, and therefore I would not be surprised if cards such as Loading... and abilities like Mind Scan and 3SD are among the items that may be reworked in the next balance update.

The player base largely expected balance updates to roll-out with the December 7th patch, but no changes have been made at the time of writing. If you would like to view the full Kaiba Report regarding the most recent KC Cup, duelists should check their mailbox for a message titled "The KC Report has been Updated" that was sent on 12/7/17.

Other News

The current sale celebrating the release of eighth mini box Blades of Spirits will be ending on December 11th. Hurry up and take advantage of the deals below if you still need some cards from any of the boxes to complete your deck!

  • Check out Konami's release of Blades of Spirits here.
  • Check out Duel Links Meta's review of the new box here.
  • Current Sale:
  • Dec1-11 Sale

Konami has also updated the cards that players can receive by using their ranked rewards tickets they achieved from the 23rd ranked season this December. Some intriguing new additions are the SR Loading... and the UR Loading... .

From December 7th to December 19th, the Yami Marik returns event titled Unleash the Egyptian God Card! will be taking place. Be sure to keep a lookout on the site for a guide to help you through the event!

Finally, it has been announced that the next KC Cup is planned to be held near the start of February of 2018. So if you didn't perform as well as you wanted, or just want to continue to dominate the ladder keep your eyes peeled for updates as February draws near!

Thats all for now,