Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel has finally gone into Closed Beta and we can finally learn what this new game is all about! Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel is truly a brand-new Yu-Gi-Oh! Experience: a four-player all-out brawl spanning the entirety of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Note: Neither I nor RandomPl0x are part of the closed beta (it was exclusive to Japan and the United States) so our information is second-hand from videos and streams. If any information is incorrect let us know ASAP and we'll correct it

What We Know


  • The game is played by four players situated across from each other in a cross formation.
  • Each player has three Monster Zones and three Trap Zones
  • Each Player starts with 4000 LP.
  • Each Monster Zone is connected to one of the three other players via a "lane"
  • Each Lane has a junction separating each player, denoted by a dot along the line.


  • During each turn, there is a Main Phase and a Battle Phase, and all players play at the same time.
  • During the Main Phase, you can Summon as many monsters from your hand as possible. The summoning methods (as far as we know) are Normal Summoning and Tribute Summoning. Even iconic monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh!'s history like Loading... and Loading... function similarly to high-level Normal monsters.
  • You can choose to Summon your monsters in ATK postion or DEF position.
  • You can also set Traps During the Main Phase. (Trap Cards activate automatically once their conditions are met once Set).
  • At the start of the Battle Phase, all players are able to activate Spells from their hand.
  • After all the Spells have been activated, attack position monsters head one space along their "Lane", stopping at the junction in the middle (there is one junction between Your Life Points and your opponents' Life Points). If there is an opposing monster in that lane, the monsters will fight.
  • Battle between monsters works differently: the monster will use its ATK or DEF stat (depending on position) to weaken the opponents monster, with the weaker monster getting destroyed, and the stat reduction being permanent. For Example, if My Loading... 3000 ATK attacks your DEF position Loading..., Giant Soldier will be reduced from 2000 DEF to 0 (2000-3000 = 0) and be destroyed, but its DEF will be deducted from my Blue-Eyes White Dragon's ATK Stat, leaving it with 1000 ATK (3000 - 2000 = 1000 ATK).
  • Battles between monsters do not deal LP Damage.
  • If there are no monsters between your monsters and an opponent's Life Points, it will attack that opponents Life Points directly with whatever ATK value is has remaining.
  • If you deal Direct Attack Damage to an oppoments Life Points, you gain Life Points Equal to the damage.
  • If a player hits 0 Life Points, the Duel is Over, the winner is whoever has the most Life Points remaining once the Duel Ends.

Gameplay Tutorial (Courtesy of Sorvent)

Deckbuilding and Cards

  • You can only have once copy of each card per Deck.
  • Each individual card has a Skill Tree, starting out as a Normal Monster and gaining abilities with each Skill Slot.
  • You can use duplicate copies of cards to upgrade your that individual cards' number of Skill slots.
  • After finishing the tutorial, each player will get a choice of Loading..., Loading..., Loading..., Loading... or Loading...

Crafting and Shop

  • To acquire cards, use in-game and paid-for resources at the Card Gacha.
  • This Card Gacha is very similar to typical gacha games, with Banners and pull rates for each rarity listed beforehand (NOT Like Duel Links, where you're pulling from a finite quantity).
  • You can craft cards you do not have by trading in multiple copies of duplicate cards of the same rarity. (For example, you can exchange 20 duplicant Rares for 1 Rare).

Raid Duels

  • Players co-operate together against an A.I. Raid Duelist with their own Raid Monsters
  • Navigate through the Raid Monsters attacks and bypass their shields to achieve victory

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