Forbidden/Limited List Update

The Forbidden/Limited List will be updated on October 22 with multiple new cards:

TPC Thoughts:

Eugen Heidt:

I don't understand why they hit Vyon instead of Loading... or Loading... but that's still a decent hit. Onslaught to 1 and Princess to 2 is a little bit too much in my opinion. I would've put Onslaught to 3 and Princess to 1 or 2, doing the same with Baby Tiger. Onslaught is not the unfair card, we had it long before Princess and it didn't do anything. But overall a good hit. Wiz to 2 hopefully kills the deck forever. Should've put Beat instead but that's also fine. Trunade at 2 is probably the least understandable hit but it's also ok because the game becomes faster every new box. TTH at 2. Unfortunately not banned but at least they're finally hitting box holos. TTH was a problem since its release and it got worse to the point that people were playing 3 of it, just to have 1 copy as early as possible. Overall it's a pretty good list. Still missing Spellbooks though.


Vyon to 1 feels preemptive, since Amazoness was one of the biggest HERO counters and Amazoness got hit hard. Princess to 2 really hurts the deck since replacements for Onslaught (like Loading... ), while already being much worse, still need Princess to get searched. I think Amazoness is dead after this. Fur Hires might be able to survive as a Wiz-only type of deck with Loading... or just heavy backrow, but they kinda feel dead too; you're excluded from so much when playing that deck now. Trunade and TTH semi-limited is a huge step for Duel Links, with Konami finally showing that they'll hit box SR/UR cards. I think this hurts Trunade (and helps backrow decks like Gladiator Beasts) much more than TTH. TTH is still so good that it'll be played at 2x in a lot of decks (like Blue-Eyes), just without ECon now.


I'm excited that Konami finally released a good hit to Amazoness and Furs, however I don't like them hitting both Treacherous and Trunade. Box SRs are no longer safe and with no return investment in Duel Links, that's a troubling thing.


The list is great. I just hope the new mini box can come with some heat. What other decks do they expect us to play?


A very needed change if we don't want this game to powercreep too much. I don't think Trunade or TTH were ever healthy additions. Amazoness, Furs, and Heroes have been in the spotlight too long, and the meta was feeling stale so overall it was needed.


I think maybe it was the best banlist we've had so far. Hey Trunade, TTH, and ECon semi-limited is great for the game. They are cards that are completely unbalanced for Duel Links and now you will have to choose between them. And while the nerfs to Fur Hires and Amazoness may have been very hard, I'm still not sure if those decks completely died because they can adapt and become Stall. Vyon to 1 was probably a precaution by Konami since Fur Hires and Amazoness were the main counters to Heroes, and they were both hit by this list.


The changes are good, they hit every deck that has been pretty dominant in the last few metas. Hopefully it is in preparation of adding Synchro-centric decks but not hitting Spellbooks will still make Synchroing hard.