Forbidden/Limited List Update

The Forbidden/Limited List will be updated on May 21st with a new card added to the list:

Elementsaber Malo
Magician of Dark Illusion
Vision HERO Vyon
Crystron Rion
Thunder Dragondark
Gold Sarcophagus
Shiranui Squire
Charge of the Light Brigade
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Skill Changes

[box](!Grit#Joey Wheeler;!Baggy Sleeves;!No Mortal Can Resist;!Heavy Starter#Seto Kaiba;!Transcendent Crystals;!Fusion Time!#Jaden Yuki; !Deck Master Effect: Cyber Commander)

  • Grit now limits you to one Special Summon the turn after it procs (citation needed, translation isn't the best)

  • Baggy Sleeves only applies for Level 7 or Higher Monsters, and is now once per Duel.

  • No Mortal Can Resist is now only once per Duel, and can only be used when your Life Points are at least 2000 less than your opponent.

  • Heavy Starter will have its probability reduced (We will need to figure out how exactly this Skill changes when the nerf happens)

  • Transcendent Crystals can only be used from Turn 3 onwards.

  • Fusion Time! now has a 1000 Life Point cost instead of 1500, but is now a Once Per Duel as opposed to a Once Per Turn.

  • Deck Master Effect: Cyber Commander now has a built-in Draw Sense effect that lets you draw Loading... instead of your normal draw.

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Dkayed's Video

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