Forbidden/Limited List Update

The Forbidden/Limited List will be updated on March 25 with multiple new cards:

Skill Changes

The changes to skills will be made along with the update to version 3.5.0 of the game, expected to release between March 17-19. However, the skill text will not be updated with this version release.

  • A Trick up the Sleeve has been changed to forbid players from Special Summoning Effect monsters during their first turn.
  • Last Gamble has been changed so that it cannot be used until Turn 7, and the 2 cards are shuffled back into your deck instead of being discarded.

Top Player Council Thoughts

"What are your thoughts on the new Forbidden/Limited List?"


The new Forbidden/Limited List pushes Ancient Gears and Dinos to Tier 1 and cards like Loading... and Loading... to become staples in other decks. This is going to be a really interesting meta.


Lowering the chances that Koa'ki can pull of an OTK and preventing them from using Loading... in their deck is very good for opening up a new meta. Also a slight hit to Vampires as now they are more vulnerable against Loading... and Loading... . Don't think the Loading... hit was needed and haven't found Spellbooks oppressive recently.


Loading... : Limited. It was in Konami's best interest to hit Spellbooks again even if the deck wasn't seeing large scale success after the KC cup. This is because the players capable of playing Spellbooks well are generally playing decks that can win tournaments whereas Spellbooks are a deck great for KC cups as the potential to brick, get side-decked against, or lose to random OTKs is not an major issue because the number of games played evens out the unfortunate RNG. If Spellbooks were not hit again it is likely that they would show up in a future KC cup, and it still is possible, to be honest. This nerf hurts bad Spellbook players much more than it hurts good Spellbook players since bad Spellbook players will almost always burn through their Loading... and use Eternity on Spellbook cards other than Fate while good players have better resource management and planning. The last 2 Spellbook nerfs have been focused around this; making the deck terrible for bad players while having less of an effect on good players.

Loading... : Limited; Loading... : Semi-Limited. Since both cards are from the same deck I don't feel the need to separate them. Koa'ki has been oppressing the game since its release and it is incredibly linear. I don't think the deck is dead but it has been nerfed enough so that it is not floodgating Konami from releasing newer decks or keeping a degenerate meta afloat. Koa'ki being the best deck promoted Buster Blader as a viable deck which made the meta more unpleasant since Last Gamble is unhealthy by nature. Thank you Konami.

Loading... : Semi-Limited. While I do enjoy Vampires I understand that nerfing them was a smart decision by Konami because the deck has evolved into a deck that abuses Loading... . Semi-limit status on Samurai Skull means the deck can't run powerful cards on the Semi-Limit roster without consistency issues.