Forbidden/Limited List Update

The Forbidden/Limited List will be updated on Aug 27th with a new card added to the list:

  • Loading... will be added to the Semi-Limited List.

Skill Changes

No Skill changes.

Top Player Council Thoughts


With this banlist i think six samurai will have to resort to playing 1 dojo and 1 enishi, that means turn 1 shi en has gotten even less consistent and enishi plays are more difficult to pull off. I don't think this nerf kills them, they can still pull off their unfair boards, but it's going to happen less often.


Sams will probably switch to 1 Enishi 1 Dojo and 3 Legendary Secret now, together with more Return of the Six Samurai for a better grind game. I don't understand why Treacherous still isn't banned, Blue-Eyes got off again without a single hit and they didn't touch Triamid.

Luke Tyler

With this banlist enforced Six Samurai are prompted to adopt slightly different lists, most likely resorting to a single copy each of Dojo and Enishi. The deck is not perceived to be extinguished from the meta by any means - it is still a strong deck competent of constructing overwhelming end boards, the banlist just makes this happen less frequently. Six Samurai is expected to be seen with noticeably smaller representations in upcoming events. Possible deck-building trends could include people revisiting Asceticism.

negao do zap

the deck will be more aggressive and less defensive. several special summon will be normal on this deck, but lose defense staple for a giant engine. The deck is now honest, honest is not enough to win competitions.


I think six samurai can still fight. But it will be tier 2-3


Samurai will have less ways to go into first turn Shi-en now that they will have to run 1 of Dojo along with 1 copy of Enishi. I always saw Dojo as an extension of Fuma so if we take a look at most standard pre ban list decks they run 3 Fuma 2 Dojo now only 3 Fuma and 1 Dojo out of 20 can be opened first turn which is a big dip in consistency. I expect people to make up for this by either running Asceticism builds to go into Shi en more or add more copies of Legendary along with Return to make up for lost Enishi.

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