Forbidden/Limited List Update

The Forbidden/Limited List will be updated on May 16 with one new card:

  • Loading... will be added to the Semi-Limited List.

Top Player Council Thoughts


It's just a light tap on the wrist to prevent them from running Loading... and Loading... .


What is there to say about this banlist? The only thing this does it keep Sams from using Semi-Limitted cards; without access to Treacherous Trap Hole their Stall matchup goes from bad to unwinnable. Good builds should already be transitioning to Loading... so consistency is not hurt nearly as much as the unga bunga builds that just turbo with Loading... . Almost nothing has changed; we are still in a Tier 0 format.


A semi-limit on Dojo is a minor consistency hit to Six Samurai which solidifies the Asceticism build as the best way to play the deck. The real reason for this hit is to prevent the deck from running power cards like Treacherous Trap Hole and Enemy Controller (which now makes the stall/burn match up very difficult). I do not expect this hit to impact the meta too much. Six Samurai will remain the best deck and perhaps stall/burn will enter the Tier List now.


I don't understand why they only hit one card. Six Sams will still stay Tier 0. The loss of TTH makes the Stall match-up infinitely harder though; now you have to pray they open awfully. However, using your side deck does help the match-up. Besides wanting more Six Sam hits I really wished for a KaibaCorp Bling hit. The skill is way too unhealthy and every event we play with it makes a hit more unlikely as it makes people spend more and more on their cards. I'm not even sure if we can expect the skill to be rebalanced at all at this point.


Outside of the hit to 2 effectively stopping TTH usage, Sams will still be the dominant threat due to their extremely unbalanced nature of granting a monster disruption and a negate at the same time. Unless one of these two disruptions are effectively nixed, decks still have to hold themselves to the standard of playing through that high threshold in order to stand a chance. This format is, for this reason, still a Tier 0 format.

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