Hi! I am Varis(Revolver)-VV, a helper in DLM Discord. For everyone who wants to play Duel Links, I want to show you my guide about 'Tips and Tricks' in the game. This can help new players to learn the best way to begin playing and learning helpful tips in the future. I hope you guys will like this guide! Enjoy!

Part 1 - The Beginning of a Journey

When you begin the game, you can choose either Kaiba or Yami Yugi as starter. Then, you follow the 2 demo duels which are about how to summon monsters/use spells and traps. After that, you earn your first 50 gems to buy first pack.

TIPS: Aim for:

Secret Pass to the Treasures

Secret Pass to the Treasures
This card is a very important in any farm decks currently. It has synergy with Vassal and Union Attack. You will have a free pack on The Ultimate Rising box which has this card so try to get it in that packs.

Sphere Kuriboh

Sphere Kuriboh

Another card I recommend is Sphere Kuriboh. It is a versatile card that can be very useful in the meta:

This is used in Cyberdark decks, and can be a great tech for other decks too. There is a Sphere Kuriboh bundle in the shop too which can be great if you open this in your 1st pack! I'd recommend the Secret card for future farming, but this is not a bad choice either if you want to play competitively right away!

NOTE: In case you can't get it, then REROLL

How to Reroll an Account:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Duel Links.
  2. Go through the tutorial.
  3. Go to first pack opening part.
  4. Repeat from 1. if you don't have Secret Pass to the Treasures.

Part 2 - Universal Duel World

There are 4 main parts of the Duel World: Gate, PvP Arena, Shop and Duel Studio.



Duel Trials Duel Trials: Contain Duel Quizes which gives you 15 gems - when you complete a Quiz; and Loaner Deck Duels which gives you 30 Gems when you win with a prepared deck.

Gate Gate: Place to duel Legendary Duelist(LD) by using Gate Keys and Colour Keys.

PvP Arena