Hello and Welcome Duel Links Meta Fans! My Name is Jadehex, and I'm your residential Farm Expert. I am also one of the few people in DLM with every single Skill currently in Duel Links (and I usually get all the Skills for new Legendary Duelists within a few days), so I decided to share my experience on obtaining Skills with you guys.


As you should already know, Skills are one of the major differing factors between the Speed Duel Format of Duel Links and the TCG. Each Legendary Duelist has roughly 13 Skills attributed to them: some of which come from a generic pool and some of which are unique to them. These Skills are obtained through 1 of 3 possible ways: Level-Up, Drop Reward, or Event Reward.

Take Yami Yugi, for example, who has 17 different Skills as follows:

Skill Generic or Unique Method of Obtaining
Spell Specialist Generic Drop Reward
Sorcery Conduit Exclusive Level-Up
Power of Dark Generic Level-Up
Master of Magicians Generic Event Reward
LP Boost Gamma Generic Drop Reward
LP Boost Beta Generic Drop Reward
LP Boost Alpha Generic Drop Reward
Draw Sense: Spell/Trap Generic Level-Up
Draw Sense: Low-Level Generic Drop Reward
Draw Sense: FIRE Generic Drop Reward
Draw Sense: EARTH Generic Drop Reward
Draw Sense: DARK Generic Drop Reward
Draw Pass Generic Drop Reward
Destiny Draw Exclusive Drop Reward
Card of Sanctity Exclusive Event Reward
Balance Generic Drop Reward
A Card Entrusted Exclusive Event Reward

While Level-Up and Event Rewards are pretty self-explanatory, we're going to focus on the Drop Reward Skills, as they involve the most effort to obtain through Skill Farming.

What Is Skill Farming?

Skill Farming is the process of Dueling with the express intent of obtaining Skills via Drop Rewards. In order to obtain a Skill for any given character, you must Duel with said character (either against Legendary Duelists or other players in the PVP Arena). For example, if we want to obtain Destiny Draw for our Cyberdark Deck, we need to duel with Yami Yugi, as it's a Skill exclusive to him. We're going to cover Skill Farming both through PVP and Legendary Duelists, as different players prefer different methods, depending on what they value.

In either case, a "Skill Farming Deck" is a deck that can be used without relying on any particular Skill, and as such is usable by any Legendary Duelist to obtain Skills for said Duelist.

Skill Farming Through PVP

To obtain Skills through PVP all you have to do is use the desired Legendary Duelist in either Ranked Duels or Casual Duels. This method requires the least amount of thought as all you're doing is playing the game. It also helps you make progress towards your Monthly Ranked Duels Rewards. However, it's also the most RNG/Luck intensive, as while the PVP Drop pool isn't as crowded (since you cannot receive Cards as PVP Drop Rewards), you also receive less rewards on average (since PVP duels usually don't have very high Duel Assesments). I personally don't recommend this method because of its high variance of success.

There are two generally recommended methods of PVP Farming: OTK Decks and Suicide Decks. In either case I would recommend using Results Boosters to maximize your Drop Chance.

OTK Decks

The aim of these Decks are to end the Duel quickly in order to get a relatively high Duel Assessment as frequent as possible. Decks like Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, Six Samurai and Cyber Angels also have the benefit of getting the "3000+ Damage", "Fusion Summon", "Synchro Summon" and/or "Ritual Summon" bonuses to further boost their Duel Assessment. Although you can use any viable PVP deck for this method, it is important that the Deck can be used without relying on any particular Skill, as it must be usable on any Character.