What are the Ojamas?

Ojamas are an archetype used by Chazz Princeton in Yugioh GX along with the Armed Dragon LV monsters and the VWXYZ machine monsters (Loading... , Loading... ,Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and the respective contact fusions). For years these archetypes had no synergy but thanks to the cards Loading... and Loading... they make quite a functional deck in Duel Links using Ojamas, Armed Dragons, possibly the XYZ machine monsters, and possibly tuner monsters like Loading... and Loading... .

How do you use Ojamas?

Their playstyle can vary but for this guide the Ojamas are used for their search power via Loading... and for their ties to the Armed Dragon LV monsters (via Loading... )/XYZ machine monsters (via Loading... ).

Why use Armed Dragons?

Armed Dragons give the deck a lot of utility as well as being able to search out Ojama Blue via the card Ojamatch.

Why use the XYZ machine monsters?

They give the deck a very powerful win condition in the form of Loading... (via Ojamassimilation)

Why not the VW machine monsters?

These monsters don't do enough to warrant space in the deck unfortunately and are better used as slots for other cards.

Why Crystron Citree?

Loading... is a very strong tuner monster for this deck that can be used both offensively and defensive depending on what you need at the time. It is arguable better than Junk Synchron at the current time.

Why play this deck?

I can’t speak for others but I do find this deck to be pretty enjoyable to play, has a surprising amount of power that allows it to go toe-to-toe with even meta decks, and perhaps simply for the memes.

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