The Shark deck archetype debuted in Duel Links in 2020 with the launch of Reginald Shark Castle Unlock event! At the time, Shark deck was rogue at best and used in tandem with Loading... to be a nuisance with adding engines like graydle and mermail as well to try and make up for the lack of a true boss monster. As the deck settled, the niche of Shark deck became outdated and the deck wasn't seen competitively and never made the tier list. However, Shark Deck received meta defining support in February 2021 with the release of Photon of Galaxy Mini Box, giving the deck much needed power to allow it to compete with the other top tier decks!!!


Today, the deck is a stun oriented deck focused on making Loading... With either a Loading... or Loading... as material for a quick play destruction on face up or set cards as well as negating effects from even attempting to activate from the graveyard after dweller resolves..

The goal of this guide will be to introduce the core of a Shark deck, discuss relevant tech cards, provide sample decks, highlight combos and plays, and analyze common matchups in the current meta.


Territory of the Sharks

The only skill that a atlantean-xyz based deck can use right now, the ability to make every water type monster on your field into level 4s for the current turn lets us have access to strong rank 4 Xyzs like Loading... and Loading... . This skill paired with a Loading... allows a one card Xyz summon and our main power combo into Abyss Dweller with Atlantean Heavy Infantry as material

Core Cards

Deep Sea Diva (3x):

Deep Sea Diva
Loading... is your main 1 card combo that will make a Loading... with a Loading... ready to destroy a face up card. Upon summoning diva, this will give you options to multiple lines of play which will be discussed further in this guide. Once summoned you are able to special summon an infantry or marksman from the deck. By summoning Infantry off this effect you are now allowed an additional normal summon if the card you summon is a sea serpent (another marksman or infantry) It is hands down the best monster card in the main deck. There are also tech cards to either summon diva from grave to utilize her being a tuner or techs to bring her to the hand because of her being the best card in the deck. These traits make Loading... one of the top search monsters of the current meta.

Silent Angler (1-3x):

Silent Angler

Loading... is the main special summonable monster in our deck (not counting our extra deck). Upon having any water monster face up on the field you are able to special summon this card from hand, Loading... allows the player to extend plays through disruption, make syncro plays without a skill, allow hands with only a Infantry to still turn into a loaded Abyss Dweller, and other niche plays by just being lvl 4 already and not needing to use the skill Territory of the Sharks Which is only able to be used 2 times per duel. This effect provides consistent access to both Loading... or Loading... As well as our core syncro extra deck monsters like Loading... and Loading... which opens up for big plays on the current and following turn.

Atlantean Heavy Infantry (3x):

Atlantean Heavy Infantry

Loading... is what we consider as a 3 of right now (meaning you want 3 of this card to have the most optimal list). Loading... as mentioned above allows you to SS this card from the deck!. Also infantry on his own, once summoned allows for the additional normal summon of another sea serpent monster! Making him a core staple to the deck. The quick play destruction of an opponent's face-up card on the field AS SOON AS when Abyss Dweller hits the field with this card as material is a force to be reckoned with.The main enabler of this deck's power in this meta is this card and getting it as material for your XYZ monster Loading... is a top priority.

Atlantean Marksman (1-2x):

Atlantean Marksman

Atlantean Marksman functions as a great multi purpose card. To start you can consider it as the opposite of infantry while as a material under a water-XYZ and another option to summon with your diva’s effect. It can destroy a set card your opponent controls when detached from any water-XYZ. This effect is useful as it can be taken into account vs heavy backrow matchups and also pop and stop certain effects like set a winda trying to summon from the deck or extra deck for example in invoke neos. Which will be discussed in the matchup portion. Secondly, it adds another way to special summon from the deck. Upon dealing any battle damage involving this card you are given the option to special summon a Lvl 4 or lower sea serpent from the deck. Which will be infantry or as will be discussed next more commonly Atlantean Attack Squad Loading... Which is going to put some pressure on your opponent either with threatening lethal or forcing resources. Lastly, with marksman being a level 3 when you have no skill left or if there is a reason to make a problem monster switch to defense you can summon diva into marksman and make a no skill costing syncro Loading...

Atlantean Attack Squad (1x):

Atlantean Attack Squad

There isn't much to say about the atlantean attack squad. It is your what we call a beater. Sitting next to an Loading... with material it has a stout 2700 atk and also 2200 atk next to any of your fish, sea serpent, or aqua type monster respectively. This is a great target for an Loading... play if you can do battle damage with that card you will be able to special summon Loading... from the deck and continue attacking in the same turn for a otk threat sitting next to a Abyss Dweller (1900+2700=4600 dmg)! If we see better support for this deck, this will probably be the first card to get replaced.

Extra Deck

Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark (1-2x):

Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark

Loading... is our old boss monster for the deck upon release of the skill Territory of the Sharks . Only needing 2 level 4 water monsters and you have a 2600 atk monster that can reduce all opponents face up monsters by 1000 atk and does NOT target opposing monsters with the reduction. Secondly, Hope Woven has the ability to summon any water monster from the graveyard upon destruction. An important note is hope woven can and will miss the timing on this effect if it is destroyed on chain Link 2 or higher. Hope Woven at the current time of writing this guide is recommended at 2 but the 2nd is rarely needed and it is saved for specific moments and matchups. With that said, once more extra deck support comes the second Hope Woven will be most likely removed.

Abyss Dweller (2-3x):

Abyss Dweller

Abyss Dweller is the boss monster for the deck. Loading... This XYZ monster will be your most common first priority summon and has the quick-play effect (activatable at any moment on either turn) to detach a material and negate effects from activating in your opponent's graveyard after it resolves. Keep in mind that you can not chain it to negate an effect that has already activated. This effect is useful in its own vs the current meta as it can stop Loading... from activating and as well as negate thunder dragons effects when sent to grave from the field for a couple quick examples with many more coming in the matchup portion. Secondly, as mentioned above this is activatable at any moment in the game which adds to the utility of this effect and proper timing becomes key in certain matchups. This useful quick play option brings to the main point why this is our boss monster. The atlantean core adds the ability to destroy face up and set cards based on which atlantean is attached to Abyss Dweller as material. With Loading... for face up cards and Loading... for set cards. These mechanics as well as matchup knowledge and the plethora of Tech spots we have open lead this to being a very powerful deck selection for any player who enjoys the archetype.

White Aura Dolphin:

White Aura Dolphin

Loading... ’s is a level 6 synchro that fills 2 very important roles in the deck. First, being an attack reduction. Once per turn you are able to target and reduce one faceup monster your opponent controls attack by half the current attack! Secondly, it has the ability to revive itself from the graveyard as many times as it is destroyed by an opponent given you have water monsters in your graveyard to banish too revive it each time upon destruction.. Also when it is destroyed and revived from the graveyard it is considered a tuner. Leaving an abundance of followup plays coupled with the skill Territory of the Sharks you can do against your opponent once you have summoned this monster. These two effects make it a staple in the extra deck and in the matchup portion will be further discussed on its relevance in certain popular decks

Crystron Ametrix:

Crystron Ametrix

Loading... (CA) is one of your extra deck monsters that will rarely see play. Ametrix’s main purpose in the deck is because the skill Territory of the Sharks is only twice per duel. Leaving a weakness in the deck as far as follow-up. Thus the role ametrix fills. Being a level 5 Synchro water monster it is able to be summoned simply by summoning Diva Loading... and summoning a lvl 3 atlantean. Giving a play after the skill has been used and when sometimes there is none. Now ametrix also has the ability to change all face up special summoned opposing monsters to defense. Leaving an opportunity for the summon of this card to be optimal in very specific and rare moments in a duel. With this easy access and a stout 2500 atk (3000 next to a dweller with material) it is a Monster that has a place in the deck.