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Cyber Angels is a deck that has undergone many changes since its admission to Duel Links. While previously an OTK deck, CA has evolved to a fast deck that can OTK but is best suited for controlling the board and overwhelming opponents through resource management. This guide will briefly discuss common plays, but the goal of this guide is to make you recognize possible options that are being neglected.

Adressing Nerfs

How Have the Nerfs Affected CA?

The nerfs to Loading... , Loading... , and Balance are serious concerns, however I understand the necessity to do so. What was once a tier 0 deck is not tier 0 anymore, but CA without a doubt is a strong deck. The reason CA performed so poorly prior to Meta Championship Series (MCS) 5 can be attributed to Loading... and Loading... remaining in the meta. However, as CA representation diminished, these cards were swapped out for more effective options against Red-Eyes Zombies, Hazy Flame and Gladiator Beasts decks. Much like how Dkayed placed first the November KC Cup with Ninjas, CA won the MCS through a mixture of surprise factor and taking advantage of the meta.

Short Hands and Abbreviations

CA: Cyber Angels
GB: Gladiator Beast
Hazy: Hazy Flame
REZ: Red-Eyes Zombies

Game State:

Fast: Effects and results are immediate. Often refers to monster/spell effects as they can be activated on the turn you draw them and don't require much setup.

Slow: Effects that are delayed or will only occur in specific circumstances. Often refers to traps and cards with similar trigger conditions.

Lethal: You can kill your opponent on your current turn.

OTK: “One Turn Kill”. When you or your opponent can inflict 4000 or more damage in a single turn.

AGG: Loading...
AMA: Loading...
Andal: Loading...
Anubis: Loading...
Batman: Loading...
Bestiari: Loading...
BR: Loading... CC: Loading... Cerb: Loading... Chalice: Loading... Dimacari: Loading... Econ: Loading... Electro: Loading... Floodgate: Loading... Gyokkou: Loading... Herak: Loading... IA: Loading... Laquari: Loading... Murmillo: Loading... MW: Loading... REZD: Loading... SE: Loading... SK: Loading... Sphynx: Loading... Spirit: Loading... SRH: Loading... WoD: Loading... Xing: Loading...