Synchrons, as the name suggests, are an archetype dedicated to synchro climbing into their boss monsters. The archetype is used by a number of characters throughout the anime, but perhaps most notably by: Yusei Fudo , in the 5D's series - which has made them a fan favourite since their introduction to the game.

The Synchron archetype has a large number of cards spread throughout many series, but for the purposes of this guide, we will be focusing on the specific interactions of the Junk and Stardust monsters, as these are the most formidable synchron card lines currently in the game.

About the Authors

Hey there, my name is

. My first taste of Synchrons was well over a decade ago with the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009 for the Nintendo DS. Given the state of the game back then, cards like Loading... and it’s bigger brother: Loading... were terrifying boss monsters that often became a win con by themselves.

Sadly, the game has progressed a great deal since then and simply dropping these guys on the field is no longer an auto-win (maybe that’s a good thing!), but that’s not to say we can’t give the meta a run for it’s money every now and then! I hope the following guide helps shed some light onto the archetype for you and gives you the tools to cause a few upsets in-game.

Hi, I’m

. I’m a combo-lover TCG player that has been playing Synchrons since 2011 when Loading... was not even legal, so Junk-Doppel/Plants variants, their synergy and infinite pathways to combo-ing made me fall in love with them since then, and also the fact 5D’s was and still is in my opinion the best yugioh anime.

Since the release of 5D’s world I always wanted to role-play Yusei with a deck that could compete with the meta, a long time has passed but recently with the release of Stardust Nexus and the Shooting Star Road skill the dream came true… So, let’s rev it up!

Hello there, my name is

. I identify myself as an Average Synchron Enjoyer, and to some extent a Yusei Fudo simp. My first exposure of Synchrons was in 2011 while playing Yugioh Tag Force 5 for the PSP. I haven’t watched Yugioh 5D’s at that time, but I already fell in love with both the Synchron Deck and Yusei Fudo as a character (no homo tho), and the love grew even bigger as I watched the anime.

I took a break from Yugioh after I graduated from High School, but then in 2016 I saw a video titled “1st place Australian regional Synchron deck profile” by o37wolf (shoutout to him) which reignites the burning passion of Synchrons in my heart once again. Since then, I continue playing Yugioh and Synchrons until now, both in the TCG and Duel Links.

Just like

and , I will put my heart, experience and knowledge for this guide to introduce and explain what Synchrons really are capable of, enjoy!


At their core, Synchrons are a combo deck that aim to synchro climb up into their boss monsters. This makes them relatively fun to play as there are often a number of ways to ultimately clear your opponents board and culminate in a big push with one of our bosses.

In terms of power level, I would say we are somewhere beneath "Rogue Status" currently, our pushes and plays are relatively strong, but our combos are easily interrupted and the deck is easy to side against, with our main barriers typically being hand traps preventing us from getting an OTK and strong counter cards like Loading... who can banish our Loading... (that is placed in the graveyard through our skill) before we've even had a chance to synchro.

That said, we do have the tools to bait backrow through Loading... plays and a number of ways to take down a troublesome first turn board with our tech cards (that we tend to have a decent amount of room for) like Loading... and Loading... /Loading... , clearing the way for our Loading... combos.

The strength of our deck comes with our (almost) unmatched consistency and the speed with which we can threaten lethal. This allows us to beat any deck with a good hand, but don't expect to be cleaning up the next MCS with this archetype (yet).