Why Synchrons?

Synchrons are the most pure synchro summoning deck since the release of 5Ds. Fully relying on the extra deck as a win condition, this combo heavy deck allows for many creative lines of play, even OTKing your opponent more often than not. Mixing iconic cards from Yusei's deck with modern link-era synchro support makes this a truly dangerous role playing deck that is satisfying to play duel after duel.

BendyTendy vs Irving (Neos)

About the Authors


I'm JoninJoe, 25-years old playing Yu-Gi-Oh competitively since 2012 in the TCG. Since then, I started playing Duel Links in February of 2018 and have been a constant supporter of synchro decks in every format. Recently coming off of a Top 8 placement with the deck in MW69 and Top 4 in MW73, I'm excited to help bring forth a guide for my favorite deck in Yu-Gi-Oh.


I'm Bendytendy and I've played Duel Links since the Summer of 2018. I am the leader of TCG clan and I love to play rogue strategies and make them competitive against the meta. I've won Anytime Tournaments and topped multiple Meta Weeklies & and MCS, making it as far as 2nd place in PCT 33. Ever since pulling Loading... I have been hooked on this deck, playing it exclusively since release.


I'm Gnurrgard, started playing Yu-Gi-Oh when it first game out and have been playing card games ever since. Currently maining Gwent, where I’m a known deckbuilder, something always pulls me back to Yu-Gi-Oh. Previously I brought the Madolche guide to you alongside Aankara and Gura.


Synchrons, in their amazing versatility, have a wide selection of skills to choose from. While earlier builds saw use of Level Duplication and Loading... , the meta has allowed us to run Sealed Tombs as a counter to Six Samurais, Neos Fusion decks and other opposition.

Level Duplication

is a good generic skill to open more opportunities for synchro plays. Utilizing this in a combo with Loading... and Loading... can often lead to double pop Loading... and E-Con take synchro plays, to name a few plays. This skill can only be used with Yusei for maximum potential. If you use any other character without voice lines, you will open 4 Tuners every duel.


is an offensive skill that finally got some use with the introduction of Loading... and Loading... . With this skill, Loading... can reach 2600 attack without Loading... and Loading... reaches a whopping 3500 before factoring his effect in. Unfortunately, the skill only works on "Warrior" synchro monsters, not to be confused with the Warrior-type. Because of this, this skill can feel kind of restricting and should only be considered in builds that turbo out Loading... s with ease.


is the better version of Loading... to use. Pumping out two synchro monsters in one turn is easily possible, giving two of your monsters a 600 attack boost or one monster a small enough boost to get lethal. It also synergizes with Loading... , possibly giving you a 900 attack boost in rare scenarios. Loading... being able to benefit from this after popping cards is why we can prefer this over Loading... .

Sealed Tombs

Last but not least, this skill is the latest addition to our repertoire in response to the current meta. It shuts down Six Samurai decks from using the effects of Loading... or Loading... and enables us to make plays, as well as preventing Loading... or Loading... from protecting the opponent. It also allows us to summon Loading... without its cost activating and extend our summons a bit more. In the most recent MW69, this skill was amazing against Six Samurais thinking Loading... and Loading... would be safe to sit back on.

Core Cards