Tellarknights are an XYZ focused archetype of Level 4 Light attribute Warrior type monsters that came to Duel Links in the XYZ debut box Shining Hope. Notorious in the TCG for topping the Yugioh World Championship in 2015, Tellarknights focus on a loop consisting Loading... to search for Loading..., with Altair reviving Deneb on summon to create a constant loop that allows for constant XYZ spamming. Augmenting this are Loading..., Loading... and Loading... which help improve consistency and facilitate turn 1 XYZ plays, potentially culminating in the decks current boss monster, Loading... backed up by the counter-trap Loading..., providing an omni-negate that draws a card.

Archetypal Cards


Satellarknight Deneb

Loading... allows you to add a “Tellarknight” monster from your deck to your hand on summon; Deneb is the primary enabler of the deck as its searcher and the first part of the Tellarknight loop involving Deneb and Loading... to generate constant follow-up plays and rank 4 XYZ spamming. Additionally, Deneb is the primary target for being sent to the graveyard by Loading... to provide easier access to it when combined with either Loading... to summon Altair, or having an Altair in the hand for the next turn follow-up. Finding ways to put Deneb into the graveyard to be revived by Altair is going to be your primary focus when attempting to build and maintain resources with this deck, and as such the counter-trap Loading... as well as trap cards like Loading... all assist in building the loop and getting Deneb into the graveyard to be resummoned.

Satellarknight Altair

Loading... allows you to special summon a “tellarknight” monster from your graveyard on summon, however you may only attack with “tellarknight” monsters for the rest of the turn; Altair is the second half of the core loop of the deck involving reviving Loading... with Altair to then search another Altair from the deck, allowing you to set-up for constant rank 4 XYZ summoning on follow-up turns through a consistent revival loop. Whilst the most common revival target is Deneb to facilitate the prior mentioned loop, an alternative target is Loading... to summon another Satellarknight monster from the hand and proceed into a Loading... play.

Satellarknight Unukalhai an alternative starter for the deck that allows you to send a “Tellarknight” card from your deck to the graveyard on summon; Unukalhai allows you to send Loading... to the graveyard to be recovered by either 1) a Loading... in the hand or 2) Loading... to return Unukalhai to the deck and special summon an Altair in its place, allowing you to revive the sent Deneb to begin the Deneb-Altair loop. Alternatively, sending a Loading... to the graveyard can be another good play if you opened with both Skybridge and another Tellarknight monster in your hand, allowing you to turbo out your boss monster Loading... by summoning Altair to revive Vega to then special summon your next Tellarknight monster from the hand.

Satellarknight Vega

Loading... allows you to special summon a “Tellarknight” monster from the hand on summon; Vega allows you to turbo out a generic rank 4 XYZ through its special summon effect that will also trigger the effect of whatever “Tellarknight” is special summoned from the hand, such as the search effect of Loading... or the graveyard dump effect of Loading.... Furthermore, when combined with Loading..., Vega provides you another way to turbo out your boss monster Loading..., however unlike the combo with Unukalhai the one opening with Vega is more specific, as it requires you to open specifically with Vega, Unukalhai and Skybridge (NOTE: Will be detailed further in the combos section).

Satellarknight Sirius

Loading... on summon allows you to target 5 “Tellarknight” monsters in your graveyard, shuffle them into your deck and draw one card; Sirius is an interesting tech choice for Tellarknights as while the effect might seem difficult to resolve it does come up in control match-ups, allowing you to recycle your “Tellarknight” main deck monsters to prevent deck-out loses as well as returning your Loading... back to the extra deck (NOTE: If one of the targets in the graveyard is subsequentially removed from the graveyard in response to Sirius's effect, such as with the effect of Loading..., the effect is NOT applied, meaning NONE of the monsters are shuffled back into the deck and you DO NOT draw a card).

Satellarknight Alsahm

Loading... simply deals 500 damage on summon; Alsahm can simply be used to help push the opponent further towards lethal range by being summoned by Loading... or revived in a pinch by Loading....

The Extra Deck

Stellarknight Delteros

Loading... is a generic Rank 4 XYZ monster that requires 3 materials to create, it is the current boss monster of “Tellarknights”; while on the board, Delteros prevents your opponent from being able to respond to your summons with card effects, you can detach a material to target one card on the field and destroy it, and if Delteros is sent from the field to the graveyard you can special summon a “Tellarknight” monster from the deck or your hand. Delteros's ability to prevent your opponent from responding to summons applies to Delteros's own summon, meaning that Delteros is effectively immune to one of the most common interruptions in the game in Loading...; furthermore, as the opponent will not be able to respond to the summon of Delteros you can immediately use his destruction effect right after the summon, this will render interruption such as Loading... or Loading... unable to prevent the destruction effect from activating. Finally, Delteros's floating effect activates when it is “sent” from the field to the graveyard, this is incredibly important as it give Delteros synergy with the archetype’s counter-trap Loading... which requires a “Tellarknight” to be sent from the field to the graveyard as a cost to activate; by sending Delteros to the graveyard as part of the cost to activate the counter trap, you are able to summon a Loading... directly from the deck, allowing you to either re-summon a properly summoned Delteros from the graveyard for even more floating in the future, or a Loading... to search for Altair and restart rank 4 spamming. Delteros effect has some incredible versatility, it activities when used as cost for generic interruption and removal such as Loading... and Loading..., and if destroyed by battle allows you to summon Altair in the damage step, where only counter-traps will be able to interrupt him and the subsequent wall of Tellarknights he will bring.

Spell and Traps

Stellarnova Alpha

Loading... is an omni-negate counter-trap that requires you to send 1 “tellarknight” monster you control to the graveyard to negate a spell/trap or monster effect and draw 1 card; Stellarnova Alpha Is both incredibly powerful and incredibly versatile, not only providing you with an omni-negate but allowing you to send your Loading... to the graveyard after having searched a Loading... to facilitate the Altair-Deneb loop, and if that by itself was not enough Alpha generates you additional advantage by allowing you to draw 1 card on top of the omni-negate. The synergy between Alpha and Loading... also cannot be ignored, by sending Delteros to the graveyard you can use his floating effect to refill your board and either go into another Delteros if you can fill your board, set-up a solid wall of monsters that the opponent will struggle to get over, or go into generic Rank 4 XYZ’s for more versatile plays.

Satellarknight Skybridge

Loading... is a quick-play spell that allows you to target a “Tellarknight” monster you control, special summon a tellarknight monster from your deck with a different name than the targeted monster and then shuffle the targeted monster back into the deck, however you cannot special summon monsters for the rest of the turn except “Tellarknight” monsters. Skybridge is a highly versatile card in this deck, turning Loading... into an additional starter by sending Loading... to the graveyard, then using Skybridge to “swap” Unukalhai with Loading... who will then resummon Deneb to search for another Altair from the deck. Additionally, Skybridge can be used to avoid the effects of traps such as Loading... and Loading... that may attempt to interrupt your combos or XYZ summoning, providing an additional layer of protection that simultaneously generates you advantage.

Relevant non-Archetypal Cards