Onomatopoeia archetype marked its debut on ZEXAL's release in September 2020, starting with Shining Hope, then it received more supports along the course, including Staple Xyz Monsters and Onomat cards like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... . As of now, this deck is famous for its sacky nature, being able to bring out powerful Xyz Monsters to turn the tide of the game.


Onomat Deck is an aggressive oriented deck, focused on bringing out multiple Xyz Monsters depending on the state of the game. For example, Loading... , Loading... , Loading... are cards that are good in Turn 1, because they can either: Prevent GY effects from activating / Negate the Inherent Summon of a Level 5+ Monster / Negate an opponent’s monster effect once per turn and deal 500 damage. Loading... , Loading... , Loading... are the most optimal choices for Turn 2 because they are able to: Return a Monster on the field/GY back to the hand / Banish a Monster on the opponent’s side till next turn (though you will finish the duel before that time) / Letting a Gagaga monster attacking twice (mostly Loading... ). The spamming strength of this deck comes from combinations of various cards, which we will come into those below.


  • Onomatoplay

The go-to skill for Onomat, as it essentially acts as 2 Rotas for this deck. By returning 2 'Zubaba', 'Gagaga', 'Gogogo' or 'Dododo' cards (including Spells/Traps) with different names from your hand to the Deck, you can add 2 'Zubaba', 'Gagaga', 'Gogogo' or 'Dododo' monsters with different names to your hand from the Deck. Almost the entirety of this deck is made of Onomat cards (short term for ‘Zubaba’, ‘Gagaga’, ‘Gogogo’, ‘Dododo’), you can easily search out the missing pieces in the combos for an explosive turn!

Core Cards

Utopic Onomatopoeia(2-3x):

Utopic Onomatopoeia

Utopic is the soul of this deck, as it glues all of Onomat cards together by acting as all 4 types of Onomatopoeia (‘Zubaba’, ‘Gagaga’, ‘Gogogo’, ‘Dododo’). Its effect allows you to Special Summon 2 Onomat cards (1 each of a type) in Defense Position, opening for Sister play with this card. Because Utopic is treated as ‘Gagaga’ and ‘Dododo’ at the same time, you can:

  • Special Summon Loading... from your Hand
  • Special Summon Loading... from the GY
  • Revive this card via Coat, target this card with Loading... for Rank 6 plays

Gagaga Sister(2-3x, preferably 2):

Gagaga Sister

Gagaga Sister is the Playmaker of this deck, as it grants you access to ‘Gagaga’ Spell Cards like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... (these are 3 relevant targets). Bolt can destroy a card if you have a ‘Gagaga’, Wind can Special Summon a ‘Gagaga’ form your hand as a Level 4 Monster, Tag can boost your ‘Gagagas’ by 500 ATK per each one. Her second effect allows you to Xyz Summon Loading... , Loading... by targeting another ‘Gagaga’ and turn both monsters’ Level to the sum of 2 chosen monsters’ Levels. For example, if you target Coat with Sister, they will turn into Level 6 (2 + 4 = 6).

Zubababancho Gagagacoat(3x):

Zubababancho Gagagacoat

Coat is the partner of Sister and Utopic, as you can Special Summon him from your hand if you have a ‘Gagaga’. His 2nd effect lets you revive a ‘Gogogo’ or ‘Dododo’ from the GY (e.g Utopic, Glove). This guy can extend your combo, as:

  • This card’s a Level 4 monster for Rank 4 Xyz Monsters
  • Special Summon back Utopic/Coat after being detached for your Xyz Effects

Dodododwarf Gogogoglove (1-2x):

Dodododwarf Gogogoglove

This card is your extender, mainly for these reasons:

  • You can Special Summon this card from GY if you control another ‘Gogogo’ or ‘Dododo’ (which usually is Loading... ).
  • You can Special Summon a ‘Gagaga’ or ‘Zubaba’ from the hand. This effect is least used as Sister loves being Normal Summoned and can’t choose Glove for her effect, Coat already has his own effect to Special Summon itself, so the primary target is Loading... .

Gagaga Head (1x):

Gagaga Head

Head is your Backup plan if you are in the grind game, as Head can revive 2 ‘Gagagas’ from the GY when it’s Normal Summoned, though it locks your further Special Summons into Xyz Summons that only use ‘Gagagas’. Despite being a Level 6, you can Normal Summon this without Tributing as a Level 4 if your opponent is the only one that has a monster. Your main targets should be Loading... and Loading... , then you use Sister and Coat for a Rank-6 play, or you use Head and Coat for a Loading... / Loading... . This card’s a last ditch effort so it’s best at one, but when you use this, it will help you get the W.

Dodododraw (3x):


This card is Onomat’s version of CoC Loading... : DIscard 1 ‘Dododo’ monster, draw 2 cards. You may only be able to use this once per turn, but it’s enough to send your Loading... or Loading... to the GY for Loading... ’s effect. Sending Glove to the GY can open to this spicy combo with Loading... , but we will come into that later.



Bolt is a straightforward card: If you control a ‘Gagaga’: Target 1 card on the field; destroy that target. It’s used in tandem with Sister’s search, or activated from your hand directly as a free pop. Bolt is your out to floodgates that prevent some aspects in your Deck:

Gagagawind (1x)


Wind is your extender if an Onomat monster gets removed by effects. Most Onomat need a fellow Onomat to utilize their potentials, so this is a great way to have that extra Onomat. This card is also vital for ‘Gagaga’ monsters that can’t Special Summon itself out like Loading... , Loading... , and even Loading... . Searchable by Loading... .

Tech Cards

Hey, Trunade! (2x):

Loading... ()

Trunade is the golden cow that every sacky deck can just milk on. It’s the ultimate card that completely stops backrows from affecting your unstoppable combos. Goodbye, Karma and Book.

Gagaga Mancer:

Gagaga Mancer

This card is not the best out of the ‘Gagagas’ we have: Loading... doesn’t have a self-Special Summoning ability, but it can bring back another ‘Gagaga’, though you can only Special Summon ‘Gagaga’ monsters for the rest of the turn. Its power comes from its detached effect, which grants a Xyz Monster 500 ATK for that turn. It’s still useful though because reviving a Level 4 ‘Gagaga’ means that you have a Loading... ready. Some decks are opting this out, though, due to its limitation to only ‘Gagaga’ for the rest of the turn and need helps from Loading... or Loading... and Loading... .