Ladies and gentlemen, everyone's favorite boss monster is back! While the DSOD release might have been disappointing for some, it's breathed new life into Neos decks with the release of Loading... . This, alongside the Loading... has rocketed Neos back into the thick of the meta. The increased consistency provided by Keeper combined with the flexibility of the Invoked cards has made Neos a force to be reckoned with once again.


  • Beatdown :
    Right now Beatdown is current the primary competitively skill. A powerful effect all around, it allows Brave Neos to attack over Darklord monsters, as well as provide an advantage during your turn in the mirror.

  • Sealed Tombs :
    A good side deck skill, can provide utility against graveyard-centric decks like Darklords and Spellbooks. Should be used wisely, as it also will shut off Neos Fusion and Bacon Saver in the grave.

  • Destiny Draw :
    Having access to any of your cards at the cost of 2000 LP allows for swing turns that can lock down the game. Timely access to Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , etc. is incredibly powerful.

Core Cards

Neos Package

Neos Fusion (3x):
Neos Fusion
Elemental HERO Neos (2x):
Elemental HERO Neos
Keeper of Dragon Magic (3x):
Keeper of Dragon Magic
Bacon Saver (1x):
Bacon Saver
Elemental HERO Brave Neos (2-3x):
Elemental HERO Brave Neos
Elemental HERO Neos Knight (0-1x):
Elemental HERO Neos Knight

Invoked Package

The Invoked package is the new addition to Neos decks alongside Loading... . The invoked package provides utility, power, and flexibility. With Aleister acting as both a searcher for a powerful fusion spell, as well as a hand trap for fusion monsters such as Brave Neos, it fits very nicely alongside Neos Fusion. The Invoked monsters, while not boasting incredibly powerful stats, have very powerful effects and can win a game themselves against certain decks.

Aleister the Invoker (2-3x)
Aleister the Invoker
  • Effect allows you to search for Loading... and summon Loading... or Loading... .
  • Powerful hand trap effect provides protection and reach for both Brave Neos as well as Invoked fusions.
  • A powerful play when you open both Keeper and Aleister is to pitch Aleister with Keeper's summon effect to search Neos Fusion. Then use Keeper's second effect to summon Aleister facedown. If he is destroyed by battle, or allowed to flip summon on your turn, you will activate his effect to search for Loading... .
Flip Flop Frog (2-3x)
Flip Flop Frog
  • Versatile "bouncer" that does not target. Able to handle problem extra deck cards, and provides an out to Loading... in the mirror.
  • Provides a water monster for Loading... to summon Loading... .
  • Can be replaced with Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... . However Flip is by far the strongest option.
Invocation (1-2x)
  • Because the Aleister needs to be banished to activate Invocation's second effect, try to ensure you're fusion summoning from the field or grave. This can mean normal summoning Aleister "needlessly" to ensure it's banished and returned to the hand.
Invoked Cocytus (1-2x)
Invoked Cocytus
  • Can not be targeted nor destroyed by card effects, making it an incredibly powerful monster to summon alongside Brave Neos. It can single handedly win games against certain decks (Desperado, Six Sams).
  • Its ability to attack while in defense also allows it to get around Loading... as well as Loading... , which is relevant as both of those cards are seeing increased usage due to Darklords.
Invoked Caliga (0-1x)
Invoked Caliga
  • A more situational card, it has the ability to shut down decks that rely on multiple monster effects per-turn (Darklords).
  • The ability of allowing only a single attack per-turn is also useful in preventing your opponent from clearing your board.
Invoked Magellanica (0-1x)
Invoked Magellanica
  • Situationally useful against Six Samurais and rogue matchups like Ancient Gears
  • Can get over any potentially relevant monster in the current meta with Beatdown

Cyberdark Package

Cyberdark Edge (3x):
Cyberdark Edge
Cyberdark Cannon (3x):
Cyberdark Cannon
Leng Ling (0-1x):
Leng Ling

Desperado Package

Desperado Barrel Dragon (0-3x):
Desperado Barrel Dragon
  • New addition from the structure deck
  • Is another boss monster and board control card
  • Effect to destroy does not target
BM-4 Blast Spider (0-3x):
BM-4 Blast Spider
  • Best used with Loading...
  • Versatlile card, 2.2k defense is hefty, and it's destruction effect paired with Sealed Tombs can provide removal as well as easy access to DBD.