In this guide I will explain a bit more about Morphtronics and how they work best in Duel Links. This is by no means the only way to build or play the deck, I encourage you all to experiment with different tech cards and find what works best for you.

The Deck

With the new box Power of Bravery we got our first actually good tuner. Morphtronics was never a competitive deck in the TCG. The one thing they could do very well though was swarm the field with cards like Loading... , Loading... and most importantly Loading... . In Duel Links, these 3 cards make it the most consistent Synchro deck we have at our disposal at present.

Core Cards

These are the most essential cards to play in your deck.

Loading... x 3

Morphtronic Scopen is the most valuable card in this deck. It's a level 3 (Light) Tuner which in attack position allows you to special summon a level 4 Morphtronic monster from your hand to the field. In defence Scopen's level becomes 4. As you can't summon monsters in face up defence position, most of the time you will be using his attack position effect to bring out your level 7 or level 8 Synchro monsters. Keep in mind when you summon a monster with Scopen's effect it gets destroyed during the end phase. So if you use Loading... to destroy your own Scopen you will be left with nothing in the end.

Loading... x 2-3

Morphtronic Slingen is the most valuable level 4 Morphtronic we have right now. It can be special summoned from your hand by Loading... 's effect and Synchro'd into a Loading... or with the Level Duplication skill even a Loading... or Loading... . His own attack effect allows you to destroy one of your own Morphtronic monsters in order to destroy any card on your opponents controls. This works especially well when getting rid of your own Loading... or Loading... if you can't get them off the field for a Synchro summon.

Loading... x 1-3

Double Tool C&D on your turn gives 1000 attack to your monster and negates the effects of your attack target. Keep in mind that you will lose the 1000 attack on your opponents turn. On your opponents turn he can only attack the monster equipped with Double Tool. The number of Double Tools depends entirely on the purpose of your deck. If you plan to summon Loading... for most of your plays it is best to run 2 or 3. If your strategy is to bring out other Synchro monsters you would only use 1 or possibly even 0 depending on the other equips you have available.

Loading... x 1-2

The easiest Synchro monster to summon in this deck. Its effect allows you to reveal 3 equip spells from your deck and then your opponent randomly picks one of them to add to your hand. His second effect, when equipped with an equip card, prevents him from being destroyed and sends of of your equip cards to the graveyard instead.

Tech Cards

These are all the cards that synergize well with the core idea of this deck.

Loading... x 1-2