Update June 28, 2019: Updated matchup guides to include Amano-Stun, Triamids, and Magnet Warriors

Update June 14, 2019: Added 2019 Regional Representative Qualifiers example decks

Update July 30, 2019: Added new cards and skills, updated matchup guide to include Desperado-Cyberdarks

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With the release of the Blazing Rose main box came the first Wyrm-based archetype in Duel Links: Metaphys. As their name suggests, Metaphys monsters thrive off of being banished before shuffling themselves back into the deck to gain momentum. The deck's strength lies in its ability to banish your opponent’s cards during either player’s turn, primarily through the use of Loading... . Secondly, its reactive nature to what the opponent commits is also a strength, if used in the optimal manner.

When played in conjunction with Loading... , you can establish a banishing loop between Loading... and Loading... to banish an opponent’s card every Standby Phase. While the effects can lead to powerful disruption, Metaphys decks require prior setup to really get rolling. Aggressive decks built to overwhelm the opponent quickly, such as Neos Koa’ki are the bane of Metaphys. Players can choose whether to invest fully in starter consistency or leave some room for defensive backrow to facilitate setting up.

Note: Due to the multiple activations that take place during the Standby Phase, it will be referenced as ‘SP’ in the guide for convenience from this point on.


Heavy Starter

Given the nerf to Light and Dark and its reliance on losing 1000 LP, Heavy Starter is the first of two consistency-boosting skills. Contrary to the wording of the skill, it guarantees at least one Level 5 or higher monster in your opening hand when conditions are met. This allows you to run a lower monster count, leaving more room for starters and techs of your choice. It also secures an opening play with Loading... or Loading... if you start with either.


The second consistency-boosting skill. Guarantees having a Metaphys monster in hand with Loading... or another spell-based starter, such as Loading... or Loading... . However, you cannot run extra monsters such as Loading... or Loading... as they disrupt the Balance ratios. Because the skill guarantees at least one monster, spell and trap in hand with a minimum of six of each in the deck, you may struggle to pull enough protection to last you during your crucial set-up period. No Lupine also leaves your field open more frequently and without the easy double banish.


Intended for increased survivability during the essential period of setting up. It does the job well enough, but sacrifices consistency. The skill goes to waste if you take damage and survive the turn while still lacking components to make plays, or if your opponent has the ability to put 4001 points of damage on-board during one turn. To clarify, a board of Loading... and Loading... attacking you directly will not break past Grit and leaves you with 1 LP. Any third monster to attack on that turn would win them the game.