The Guardians of Rock mini box brought a lot of new support to the archetype with powerful boss monster like Loading... and also great searchers/deck-thinners such as Loading... .

Magnet Warriors is a really interesting archetype for two main reasons:

  • It allows a lot of various lines of plays making duels way more interesting that identical boring loops (hello Red-Eyes)
  • While not being super cheap it is still way less expensive than most of the other meta decks such as Six Samurais or Blue-Eyes


Hello, I am Aankara, a 23-year-old French guy who loves Yu-Gi-Oh since… Well as far as I can remember. While patiently waiting for XYZ to come to Duel Links, resurrecting my favorite archetype, Madolches, I decided to make a guide on Magnet Warriors!

Hope you will enjoy!


This archetype mostly relies on fueling your graveyard with Magnet monsters for your first one/two turns to then summon your win conditions, and boss monsters, Loading... , Loading... or Loading... .

The key thing is to float your monsters well enough to fuel your graveyard and thin your deck without letting your opponent kill you too fast.

Your boss monsters will be your win condition 90% of the time so you need to be really cautious when summoning them. Do not do summon them as soon as you can, try to use your opponent resources first.

This archetype is based around banishing card, which makes it weak to Sealed Tombs and Loading... . Moreover, banishing a card often means you will not be able to use it anymore, so be really careful in managing your resources.

Last but not least, this deck is EXTREMELY consistent which allows you to play a bit more than 20 cards to add some tech cards or the 30-card version of course… Well if that does not trigger your OCD like it does for me...

Skill Choice

Magnets have no mandatory skill you need to use. The choice depends a lot on your playstyle, your decklist and the meta.