Why Cupcakes

First thing first, yes Cupcakes are not the new tier 0, smashing-everything, wrecking machine.

But they are a really interesting archetype, with a lot of possibilities in terms of builds, playstyles and plays. It is a very fun and competitive archetype that does not only rely on one specific win condition.

The few Madolche cards we got from the box Burning Nova (such as Loading... or Loading... ) were not enough to make a serious deck out of this archetype. But the new box Dimension of the Wizards finally gave us what we were waiting for! Most importantly, Madolche Hootcake! And one day XYZ will reach Duel Links… Bringing Cupcakes to a whole new level!

About the Chefs

Hey! I am Aankara, a 23-year-old french guy who has been playing Duel Links for more than 2 years. You might know me for my top 10 in the 2017 WCQ or as a former Moderator and MCS Admin on Duel Links Meta. I am just trying to make you think I like Madolches so that you forget I usually only play cancerous decks.

Hey, I'm Gnurrgard. I’ve started playing Yu-Gi-Oh when it came out and since then never stopped playing card games. If you play Gwent you might have heard of me or played one of my decks.

And I’m Gura. I’m pretty new to Duel Links, just started late last year. I fell in love with madolches way before I started playing and when this new wave of support came, I knew I had to build the deck and work my way to KoG. When Aankara proposed the creation of this guide, I offered my help because I want more people to have fun with this archetype. So, have fun.

Appetizers (Introduction)

The Madolche archetype is focused on swarming the field endlessly to make your opponent run out of resources. The swarming potential comes mostly from Loading... that allows you to summon any Madolche from your deck, allowing you to adapt your swarming to the board state. The other strength of the deck is the wide space it offers for tech cards. Half of your deck will usually be tech cards to either adapt your list to your playstyle (synchro or not, aggro or control) or to the meta (examples: Loading... and Loading... ).

Seasoning (Skills)

Let’s be honest here, What Grows in the Graveyard is by far the best skill for Madolches, simply because it allows you to use Madolche Hootcake’s effect on your first turn enabling you to setup your field right away. This fact will remain as long as Madolche Angelly does not join Duel Links’ cardpool.

Though, if you want to take dangerous paths, you can also play a lot of cards to fuel Madolche Hootcake (such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... …), then you can try skills like The Tie that Binds or Sealed Tombs . But we clearly do not recommend that.

Main Ingredients (Core Cards)