Harpies are an archetype of Wind attribute Beast-Warrior monsters that are the main archetype used by Mai Valentine in the anime and have received support intermittently through Mai's level up rewards, event rewards and splashed in boxes, but receiving its most impactful support in the Sign of Harpies Mini Box. The deck aims to turbo out its boss monster Loading... and pair it with backrow disruption such as Loading... and Loading... to remove and bounce the opponent’s monster’s and set-up for an OTK on the next turn. With its swarming capability through Loading... alongside any “Harpie” card the deck is able to set-up a board of level 4’s that make it well suited to rank 4 spamming, giving it access to versatile extra deck utility in the form of Loading... , Loading... and Loading... , with the possibility of adding in Loading... for rank 7 plays such as with Loading... .

Archetypal Cards


  • NOTE: All “Harpie” monsters become “Harpy Lady” when on the field or in the graveyard, but not in the deck, this is important for 2 specific interactions:
  1. Cards which specifically list “Harpie Lady” on them, such as Loading... and most importantly Loading... .
  2. If a monster whose original name is always “Harpie Lady” or counted as such (Such as Loading... on the field is hit by a Loading... , ALL HARPIE MONSTERS IN THE GRAVEYARD WILL BE BANISHED AS THEY ARE ALL COUNTED AS “HARPIE LADY”.

Harpie Channeler (3X)

Harpie Channeler

Loading... is able to summon any “Harpie” monster from the deck in face-up defence position by discarding a “Harpie” card from your hand, furthermore if you control a dragon type monster her level becomes 7. Loading... is a core card and primary playmaker of the deck, by special summoning Loading... you can search Loading... using Perfumer’s effect to set-up generic 2/3 material rank 4 plays such as Loading... , Loading... and Loading... , or to summon the synchro monster Loading... . Alternatively, Channeler is able to summon Loading... from the deck, this makes her level become 7 and gain access to generic Rank 7 XYZ’s such as Loading... to establish a defensive wall and provide generic removal. Furthermore, when combined with Level Augmentation , Channeler becomes lv 8 due to all the main deck Harpies (except dragon) being level 4, this allows Loading... to search 2 cards on special summon, open up Rank 8 XYZ plays with Loading... , or allows you to summon a level 8 monster from the deck when paired with Loading... such as Loading... for spell and trap disruption.

Harpie Perfumer (3X)

Harpie Perfumer

The decks second playmaker, Loading... searchers for any spell/trap that specifically lists “Harpie Lady Sisters” from the deck, and if you control a level 5 or higher Harpie monster you may search a second such card but with a different name. By being able to search Loading... , Perfumer acts as a 1 card synchro/Rank 4 XYZ enabler when used as the opener, and when combined with Loading... and Level Augmentation to turn Channeler into a level 8 monster, can search both Egotist and Loading... , allowing you to generate a large amount of advantage and recover resources as mentioned above.

Harpie Harpist (1-2X)

Harpie Harpist

Loading... on normal summon can target 1 other Winged-Beat monster you control, and one face-up monster the opponent controls and return them to the hand, furthermore if it is in the graveyard because it was sent there this turn, you may add 1 Winged Beast monster with 1500att or less from your deck to your hand during the end phase. Loading... is primarily used in conjunction with Loading... to discard it and gain its search effect during the endphase whilst facilitating Channelers summoning effect; the bounce effect is lackluster due to targeting and only triggering on normal summon, with this card being low on the normal summon priority list in this deck, preferring instead to simply summon Channeler or Perfumer, the bounce effect rarely gets used in favour of simply extending your plays.

Harpie Oracle (1X)

Harpie Oracle

Loading... can be special summoned from the hand if you control a level 5 or higher “Harpie” monster, and on summon can recover a spell/trap that specifically lists “Harpie Lady Sisters” from the graveyard. Acting as both an extender and recovery, Oracle can be used in conjuncture with Loading... to provide an endless loop of draw power and recycling that grants Harpies a surprising durable long-term game plan and allows this card to be run at only 1 copy, whilst also being able to be used as fodder for generic Rank 4 XYZ plays or as fodder for Loading... .

Cyber Slash Harpie Lady (2X)

Cyber Slash Harpie Lady

Loading... is the boss monster of the deck, a level 8 Winged-Beast generic synchro that allows you to treat a “Harpie” monster used as material for its synchro summon to be treated as a tuner, furthermore when a spell or trap card or the effect of a spell or trap card (such as a field spell or continuous spell or trap) is activated you can (as a quick-effect) target one monster the opponent controls or one Harpie monster you control and return that target to the hand. When paired with generic disruption such as Loading... , Loading... or Loading... as well as other generic quick-play spells like Loading... , Loading... is able to chain to the effect and bounce an opponent’s monster, greatly disrupting their plays and removing extra deck monsters by sending them back to the extra deck, it also allows you to recover Harpie monsters on the field to protect them and re-use their effects on the following turn or reset a Loading... that has been affected by Level Augmentation .

Harpie Lady 1 (2X)

Harpie Lady 1

Loading... increases the attack of all Wind Attribute monsters on the field by 300 attack. Whilst this may seem incredibly lacklustre, Loading... is actually a critical card in the deck for two primary reasons:

  1. Due to being called “Harpie Lady” it is one of the few useful cards that is summonable from the hand or deck using Loading... , this allows Loading... to extend using Egotist into 2/3 material Rank 4 XYZ’s or serve as fodder for Loading... .
  2. The attack boost is critical for allowing Loading... to swing over monsters such as Loading... or Loading... when combined with either The Tie that Binds or a second copy of itself as both of them will stack, generating a 600 attack boost. These two factors make Loading... a must-have inclusion in the deck.

Harpie's Pet Dragon (0-1X)

Harpie's Pet Dragon
Harpie's Pet Dragon is a level 7 Dragon type monster that gains 300 attack for each “Harpie Lady” on the field. This cards primary use is to be special summoned from the deck onto the field using Loading... to facilitate rank 7 XYZ plays, the most notable of which being Loading... as a protection and removal option, however this card is bricky and basically useless if drawn.

Spells and Traps

Elegant Egotist (1-2X)

Elegant Egotist

Loading... allows you to summon a “Harpie Lady” or “Harpie Lady Sisters” from the hand or deck while you control a “Harpie Lady”; note that this card specifically lists “Harpy Lady” and not “Harpie” which means that, alongside sisters, the only monsters this card can summon are: Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... . Whilst the summon selection may make this card seem lackluster, its prime use in summoning a body to facilitate synchro plays into Loading... or to extend into a generic rank 4 XYZ such as Loading... , making it a critical card in the deck.

Harpie's Feather Rest (1X)

Harpie's Feather Rest

Loading... shuffled 3 “Harpie lady” or “Harpie Lady Sisters” monsters from the graveyard into the deck to draw 1 card, if you control a level 5 or higher Harpie monster draw 2 instead. Searchable from Loading... on summon, Harpie's Feather Rest is core draw power and recycling for deck; it allows you to recycle your resources, specifically Loading... , who on summon can recover Harpie's Feather Rest from the graveyard (all “Harpie” monsters count as “Harpie Lady” when on the field or in the graveyard) as well as the synchro monster Loading... allowing for an endless loop of recovery combined with draw power to reach your disruption and removal cards such as Loading... and Loading... .

Hysteric sign (2-3X)

Hysteric Sign

Loading... is a continuous spell that on activation searches Loading... from the deck or recovers it from the graveyard, furthermore if it is in the graveyard because it was sent there from the field or the hand this turn, you can add up to 3 “Harpie” cards with different names from your deck to the hand during the end phase, you may only use one effect each turn, and only once that turn. Loading... acts as an additional way to search and recover Loading... thereby allowing you to run fewer copies, but the real draw comes from being able to search your deck for up to 3 different Harpie cards, ideally during the opponents turn so that you may search during their end phase, generating massive advantage that is more readily available for your use; this can be achieved through discard traps such as Loading... (which can also pop your own Sign should It be on the field during the opponents turn), Loading... , Loading... and Loading... .

Cyber Shield (0-1X)

Cyber Shield

Loading... is an equip spell that can equip to “Harpie Lady” or Loading... and simply increases its attack points by 500. Whilst this might sound like a terrible inclusion, depending on the meta the card can actually be quite integral for allowing Loading... to both trigger her effect for removal or recovery, as well as setting her attack to 3100, allowing her to swing over big beaters she would otherwise need Loading... or The Tie that Binds to do so, alongside being a 3rd search target for Loading... which has the added benefit of making Level Augmentation less of a bricky skill if you open Loading... or Loading... .

Harpies' Hunting Ground (0-1X)

Harpies' Hunting Ground

Harpies' Hunting Ground (HHG) is a field spell that increases the attack and defence of all winged-beast type monsters on the field by 200, furthermore whenever a player summons a “Harpie Lady” or “Harpie Lady Sisters” monster that player must target 1 spell/trap on the field and destroy it. Searchable from Loading... ’s effect, the +200 attack increase provided by HHG when combined with the +300 attack from Loading... allows Loading... to swing over threats it would otherwise be unable to swing over, utility similar to that provided by Loading... ; furthermore, Cyber Slash’s effect will be able to activate on each activation of the field spells effect when a Harpie monster is summoned, providing you with an incredibly easy way to trigger her effect. However, this field spell comes with 1 very critical downside - the spell and trap destruction effect, whilst good in theory, acts as a double-edged sword since the activation of the field spells destruction effect is MANDATORY; this means that if no other spell or trap card is on the field when a Harpie who is treated as Harpie Lady is summoned, you will have no choice but to target the field spell. Furthermore, the spell and trap destructions effectiveness varies depending on the type of backrow that is being played; against Loading... this field spell is fantastic for removing it and turning off all subsequent copies of the card in the opponents deck, but against traps like Loading... and Loading... the opponent will simply just respond to the effect with the trap you have targeted, removing the monster you have just summoned unless you have no further backrow protection. As such, this card is likely to be used as a meta call in meta’s where battle traps and counter traps are heavy, and most decks opt into cards such as Loading... .

Hysteric Party (0-1X)

Hysteric Party

Hysteric Party is a continuous trap that allows you to special summon as many copies of “Harpie Lady” as possible from the graveyard by discarding 1 card as cost. Whilst this card is not searchable, the come-back potential of this card is incredible; alongside the discard for cost synergising with Loading... and Loading... , this card is able to revive all Harpie monsters that are treated as “Harpy Lady” while in the graveyard, including the synchro monster (provided it was properly summoned) alongside a Loading... for a double search, or a Loading... for spell/trap graveyard recovery, as well as providing you with a way of destroying the opponents backrow when combined with Harpies' Hunting Ground . NOTE: Even if you summon 2 or more Harpies with the effect of Hysteric Party whilst HHG is on the board, the effect of HHG will only trigger once, this can occasionally be a boon however, especially if the opponent has only set one backrow and you wish to summon multiple Harpies without losing HHG.