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Introduction & History

Until the recent debuts of Loading... and Loading... , Gemini cards and decks alike were simply categorized under the YouTube section (haters will say they still are). With the introduction of the 14th main box Gaia Genesis, Gemini has received brand new tools that offer both consistency and superb spot removal. In this guide I hope to offer useful insight on how to optimally play and construct an up-to-date Gemini deck.

This guide will not be covering the "combo" version of the deck because it will not be relevant in the meta. The combo deck featuring the "Chemicritter" cards is simply far too flimsy and only achieves what many other decks achieve better. The Chemicritters may see the occasional love on the ladder, but the addition of Loading... will not make them viable like the control build that I will be delving into. The addition of Gemini Spark with the control build, however, not only strongly improves its consistency (especially with Balance ), but unlike the Chemicritter/combo build it has multiple win conditions. Should the combo variant miraculously become relevant, I will create a section on that.

There is also potential for a hero variant featuring Loading... , Loading... and Where the Heroes Dwell . I am not convinced that this deck will be enough to deal with the current meta. It also seems like this deck should be more so categorized as Elemental HERO, not Gemini. However if this concept becomes relevant and people consider it a Gemini deck I will make a section on it.

About the Author

Hello, I’m Luke from the UK. I play both Duel Links and the TCG competitively and enjoy them both (mainly Duel Links); I am doing decently in the current Duel Links Meta season (3). I am very fond of the Gemini cards and it brings me great joy to see the new support that we are getting. Hopefully this guide helps!

Deck Analysis


The typical opposite of a “combo” deck is a “control” deck. Gemini is a control deck and that means that it has a lower ceiling than decks such as Fur Hire and Masked Hero – it has limited plays that it can make during the early phases of the game; it needs to buy some time against combo decks to establish its position of advantage. Due to its low ceiling, Gemini functions by crippling the opponent's resources through removal and forcing the activation of backrow due to maintaining pressure thanks to its relatively heavy swingers. The deck operates much like Fish Control, but in a more consistent and oppressive manor. Gemini now has many useful tools at its disposal that allow it to strike through opposing defenses despite its lack of high ceiling. The two main viable skills for this deck are Balance and Switcheroo – this guide will explore both of those in depth to give you an understanding of why they are optimal how you can construct a deck with them.


In addition to what I have mentioned already, Gemini has multiple appealing features. Not only does it have fantastic backrow, but the monsters themselves have respectable effects despite not having one on the first turn without Loading... . In terms of the current meta, their attack stats are very solid in regards to Normal Summon-able monsters (sitting at around 1800 and 1900). Monster removal is ideal against other control or simplified/slow decks, and this deck has monster removal in multiple forms. Because of this, Gemini is one of the few viable control decks that can confidently take down Amazoness (other than itself).


Decks that are not easily prone to destruction can potentially decimate Gemini depending on their opening hands. A resilient deck opening with multiple ways to keep on pushing through backrow will prove problematic if the Gemini player does not have access to enough disruption or to a card such as Loading... or Loading... that they can use as a safety net.

In regards to individual cards, Loading... is obviously devastating if followed up by an OTK. However Hey, Trunade! may not prove as effective if the Gemini player goes second. This is because they may have access to a card such as Loading... to chain to Hey, Trunade!, or they may have Loading... to make themselves far less vulnerable to an OTK. Next, a considerable threat is Loading... and if the Gemini player makes too aggressive plays they can straight up lose to it. Later in the guide, I explain how you can play around Treacherous Trap Hole.

The final main notable weakness would be a matchup of the current format - Spellbooks. Dealing with Spellbooks can be a disaster when going second, but when going first disruptions to the Loading... play can be incredibly impactful, or a tech card such as Loading... could help too. Other monster removal such as Loading... and Loading... is useful to deal with Loading... and Loading... . If playing Loading... the Gemini player can set this up against Spellbooks via Gemini Spark.

The above are the primary weaknesses to the Gemini control deck. There are smaller burdens that the deck must carry, such as an early game Loading... getting to stick. Dealing with Wiz is not a severe problem, however Wiz, Sage Fur Hire can negate your attempt to make a push with a card like Loading... and deny the revival effect (because the Equip Spell card never hit the field). Another notable weakness would be cards with roles such as Loading... and Loading... , because they can also stop the Gemini Summon in the same way that they halt a regular Normal Summon. To conclude the notable weaknesses, the deck can struggle when attempting to recover from a severe downhill position. If playing it, Loading... can definitely turn a game around, but Supervise will not always be enough. For example, Gemini does not have an individual card like Loading... that it can use to redeem its loss of advantage. Without a setup involving Supervise or Loading... , a Gemini player in a resource-drained position may struggle to get a win from behind.

Deck Making Choices

Core Cards

Gemini Spark
Dark Valkyria
Heavy Knight of the Flame