This deck resolves around monsters which can flip themselves face down and have powerful effects when flipped face up. This deck will be reminiscent of the old clown control deck from 2017. The pack will bring a very strong monster core. It has both monster and backrow destruction and can tutor out any of its monsters. It has swarming potential from the hand and grave. The monsters are all earth machine which gives the deck some amazing tech cards including Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... .

Core Geargia Cards

Geargiano Mk-II
Geargiano Mk-III
  • Loading... - 1900 beater when flipped face-up destroys Spells and Traps equal to the amount of other Geargia monsters you control. This will be our main form of backrow control. With one other Geargia monster you destroy one Spell or Trap per turn and with two you destroy two. The use of this card will depend on the amount of backrow in the meta. I suspect you will only need two of these since it can be tutored and revived really easily. The backrow destruction effect DOES NOT target so the opponent will be forced to chain before you select which cards to destroy.

  • Loading... - 1800 beater when flipped face up destroys monsters equal up to the amount of other Geargia monsters you control. This will be our main form of monster removal. Like Geargiattacker, we can destroy up to two monsters per turn. Again you may only need two because the cards can be tutored so easily and revived so easily. The destruction effect DOES NOT target.

  • Loading... - This is a weak monster but sets up the deck very well. When it is Normal Summoned you can add 1 Level 4 Earth Machine to your hand from your deck except Geargiauger. You cannot attack or Special Summon non-Machine monsters for the rest of the turn. This lets you search out Geargiattacker or Geargianchor based on what you are missing and is a +1 in card advantage. Unfortunately this monster cannot flip itself face down. I like the card but I think it is too slow. I feel Geargiarsenal does this monster's job but much quicker. If I were to use this it would be to ensure I got Geargiarsenal on turn one.

  • Loading... - This is what gets me excited for the deck. This adds a huge amount of consistency by tutoring out any Geargia from the deck and Special Summoning it in defense. You can then flip it face down. This is also the reason I feel two Geargiattacker and two Geargianchor will be enough. This also sets up the graveyard for Geargia MK-II plays or Loading... which this deck may use. This also gains 200 attack for each Geargia monster including itself so it maxes out at 2100 attack, which is enough for game when combined with Geargiattacker.

  • Loading... - This card lets you special summon a Geargia from the graveyard when it is normal summoned or flip summoned from the graveyard. This does a lot for the deck since it can recycle Geargiarsenal or retrieve dead Geargiattacker/Geargianchor. Unfortunately you cant Toolbox this out with Geargiarsenal since its effect doesn't trigger when special summoned. I think this will a be a 2 of since it allows you to set up Geargiattacker and Geargianchor while having 3 Geargia on your second turn. For example, you could Geargiarsenal into Geargiattacker on turn 1 then on your next turn Geargiano Mk-II, summon Geargiarsenal, flip up Geargiattacker to pop two backrow then summon Geargianchor from deck and flip everything down again.

  • Loading... This is a worse Geargiano Mk-II because it negates the summoned monster effect so you are basically swarming but for no purpose. I wouldn’t use this at all.

  • Loading... - This card was data mined during the Syrus event with full card art and expected to be released with the rest of the Archetype. This card would improve the swarming potential of the deck and also increase consistency since it replaces itself when destroyed. If we get this card we will want to playtest this in place of Geargiano Mk-II or Powerful Rebirth in the listed build. There are advantages to both Geargiaccelerator and Geargiano Mk-II but I feel that Geargiaccelerator will win out in the end for the consistency and speed it offers. However, the Geargiano Mk-II combo of putting 3 Geargia on board including both Geargiattacker and Anchor should not be overlooked.

  • Loading... - Terrible card. You can tribute this monster to special summon a Geargia from the grave but its effect is negated. Geargiano Mk-II and Powerful Rebirth do this cards job but a lot better. The only upside to this is that it is searchable by Loading... which you won’t be using anyway. The clue is in its name: GeargiaNO.

Synergistic Monsters

Scrap Recycler
Ancient Gear Box
  • Loading... - This could be a nice one of card. This will let you send Geargiarsenal to the grave to set up Geargiano Mk-II plays and also to recycle monsters in the late game and draw a card. You will be able to shuffle in dead Geargiattacker/Geargianchor to re-use them.

  • Loading... - This card can be searched by Geargiauger to trigger its effect which will let you search a second Geargiauger. I don’t think this has a spot in the deck but it is an interesting interaction nonetheless.

Synergistic Backrow

Pulse Mines
Gravity Blaster
Rare Metalmorph
Needle Ceiling
A Feint Plan

The aim of the backrow should be to protect your monsters and avoid OTK plays. Your monsters provide the board control and you will be rarely destroying monsters by battle. Building up a three monster board is important and can be achieved as early as your second turn. There are two main non-staple options and only through testing will we see whether or not both or one of these should be used:

  • Loading... - All the monsters in the deck are Machines and Geargiattacker has decent stats. What we could do is run triple Pulse Mines to protect our monsters and stop OTK plays. Then, in our main phase we can flip our monsters face down and flip them back up in the same turn to get their effects off. I feel this will be a key backrow card for the deck. You can chain this to Loading... to stop any OTK plays.

  • Loading... - Destroys Sylvans and Gladiator Beasts. Negates any monster effect your monster battles with in the battle phase. This has some anti-synergy with the flip-flop nature of the deck but its effect negation will be absolutely worth it to stop cards such as Loading... . It also lets your monsters hit important attack thresholds over multiple turns. This will probably be a key side deck card.

  • Loading... - Spell negation and battle step damage increase. It lets your monsters hit important attack thresholds. Again this has anti-synergy with the flip-flop strategy and I don’t think its utility offsets that anti-synergy. Therefore, I don’t think we will use this.

  • Loading... - This is a new UR trap which destroys all face up monsters on the field if there are four or more. Since we can flip down our important monsters we can gain a lot of advantage from this card. I am unsure if this will go in the main or side since Geargianchor does a similar job.

  • Loading... - This card stops any and all attacks on face down monsters. Since you will be flipping your monsters face down to control the board this card protects all your monsters outside of Geargiarsenal and Geargiano Mk-II and stops OTK plays. Upon further theorycrafting this card will not suit the playstyle of the deck since to get optimal use of the monsters you will flip-flop in your own turn then attack, leaving your monsters face up at the end of your turn.

General Backrow

Enemy Controller
Floodgate Trap Hole
Paleozoic Canadia
Curse of Anubis