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  • Bacon: Lead writer
  • Celestial: Introduction and planning assistance
  • Brenduke: Matchups
  • Negative1: Formatting
  • Dulling: Furry text and polish assistance


Furries fur hire iz an awktype frem de minie box cwash ov wings hehe haha. Dey revolve awound special summonin lil furry fwiends hehe! Each fwiend has itz own vewy vewy spewcial gift when yew summon another lil fwiend other den himself! Dey arr (Lyke a pirwate haha!) Able to summon eachother because dey arr a team!Hehe how cute is dat! OwO. In dis reawly furry guide we will help yew understand how to pley da deck so u become a reawly reawly good furry fur hire pwayer hehe!

Deck Building

Core Cards

Wiz, Sage Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 3

Wen dis Fuwry is summoned by another Fuwry Fwend, u gain Life eqwal to the number of different Fuwries u have! She can awlso betway her Furwy Fwends by discarding them to negate Spells and Twaps! What a vishous Girl! >w<

When Wiz is special summoned, he grants you a modest LP bonus. Additionally, Wiz acts as his own fortress by being able to discard any Fur Hire card (not just the monsters) to negate a spell or trap once per turn during either player's turn. Wiz is highly useful to disrupt an opponent's big plays while also protecting your field from cards like Wall of Disruption.

Dyna, Hero Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 1

Wen dis Fuwry is summoned by another Fuwry Fwend, he can banish cards from ur opponent's gwaveyard! Ur opponent also can’t select other Fuwry as an attack target. He attacc, he protecc, but most importantly, he stwong, and das a facc!

When Dyna is special summoned, he can banish cards in your opponent's graveyard up to the number of Fur Hires on your field. This is especially useful for disrupting Loading... , Loading... , and multiple Amazoness cards. There is even value in the mirror by removing Mayhem targets. Additionally, Dyna boasts 2500 attack and must be attacked by your opponent's monsters before they can attack any others, thus keeping your smaller Fur Hires safe. It is also worth noting that having 2 Dynas on the field will lock your opponent out from making any attacks whatsoever, oftentimes putting them in a dire situation.

Seal, Strategist Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 0-2

Dis Fuwry can summon moar fwends onto da field! YAY~! Wen a Fuwry Fwend joins him, u get to put another Fwend from ur gwaveyard into ur hand.

Seal can also special summon a Fur Hire from the hand. When he does so, he is able to return a Fur Hire monster from your graveyard back to your hand. This helps with recovering a nuked field, giving discard fodder back to Wiz, and can even set up Switcheroo . Seal boasts the highest attack of the low level fur hires and can help push for game. However, his effect is not useful until mid to late duel.

Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 3

U can Speciawl Sawmunn one Fuwry fwom ur hand, but not himself siwwy biwwy. Wen a fwiend joins him, u get moar fwends from ur deck OwO! But wemember! Onwy once per turn! UwU

Beat is used as this deck's searcher and can search any Fur Hire monster in your deck aside from itself when a Fur Hire is special summoned to your field. Beat allows you to not only swarm the field, but set up your hand for the following turn should something happen to your field.

Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 2

U can pway more fwends fwom ur hand, for even MOAR FUN OwO! Wen dis wittle fwend gets a fwend, he go BOOM! BOOM! to anyting face-up! AWW! SUU KAWAIIII!!!!!

Donpa possesses the same ability as Beat, allowing him to special summon a Fur Hire from your hand, with the added ability of being able to target and destroy and face-up card on the field when it does so. Use this card to destroy opponent’s cards, and even your own should the situation call fur it.

Recon, Scout Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 2-3

Dis wittle Fwend can pway more fwends fwom ur hand! Wen dis wittle fwend gets a fwend, he can dwop some bombs on anyting face-down on da field! OwO

Recon is a carbon copy of Donpa, but with attack and defense stats reversed. Contrarily, Recon can target any set card on the field. Use Recon to deal with set monsters and pesky backrow. It's worth noting that an opponent cannot chain to Recon’s effect and keep their card on the field. I.e., if Recon targets a set Loading... , it WILL be destroyed despite no longer being set.

Mayhem Fur Hire
Optimal Count: 2-3

Dis card lets u summon a Furwy Fwend fwom ur gwaveyard in defense posishion. Wemember, when a Fuwry is bwought bak, all of their effects will twigger! YAY! BOOM BOOM~! ()w()

Mayhem is a quick-play spell that special summons, from your graveyard, any of your Fur Hire monsters in defense mode. This card can be used both offensively and defensively, as it can protect you from OTKs, set up your field for another swarm, or clear your opponent's field during their turn, as it will trigger the special summon effects of any low-level Fur Hires you already control.

Tech Cards

Treacherous Trap Hole

Since board control is such an important aspect of the game, a card that can diminish your opponent’s board so effectively is very strong. Trading 2 cards for 1 is generally favorable, especially when those two cards are monsters.

Forbidden Chalice

The main purpose of Chalice is to improve your odds in the mirror match. It can be used to stop your opponent from flooding their field, or it can be used to counter an opponent’s Beatdown buff, as Chalice gives a 400 attack boost, while Beatdown with only one level 5 or higher monster yields a 300 attack boost.

Cosmic Cyclone

While somewhat effective in the Beatdown variant, this card is even more valuable in the Switcheroo variant. Backrow removal is helpful for guaranteeing that your combos proceed interrupted. Since Wiz gains you Life Points, the payment cost is negligible.

Paleozoic Canadia

Canadia is a tech that specifically assists in the mirror match tremendously. It's main use is to stop your opponent from swarming the field during their turn by activating it when their low level fur hire monster hits the field initially. Additionally, it may be used to bait a Wiz negation if you have a followup that turn.

Loading... ()

Trunade has seen more play in Beatdown variations due to the enormous potential it provides to increase an OTK opportunity when you go second. It sees added advantage in sending troublesome backrow such as Canadia or Chalice to the hand before you make your push, while also holding an edge against cancer decks on the ladder.

Skills Discussion