Dinos were one of the first meta decks in Duel Links by using the Skill Dinosaur Kingdom to boost up their Dinosaur Monsters to 1900 ATK, but they fell off due to not having enough support. With the resurgence of the Lightsworn engine and cards such as Loading... and Loading... , Dinos can easily send cards to the Graveyard and Banish them for cards like Loading... . In certain builds, Dinos have recently been more combo-orientated and have come back into the meta as a dark horse when it comes to both King of Games and Tournaments.

About the Author

Hello! My name is Kurokodairu. I have been playing Duel Links for almost 2 years now and the one deck that I have always loved to play is Dinos. I originally started playing in the TCG with Dinos and it is one of my favorite decks. The more I became involved with the Duel Links community the more I started playing Dinos in tournaments and topping with them. Now, I am writing a fully-fledged guide to give you the reader some insight on the power of the Dinos.


The whole deck focuses on sending cards to your graveyard through means of the Lightsworn engine which consists of multiple Loading... and double Loading... . These builds also focus on using cards like Loading... and Loading... to dump as many Dinos as possible for fuel for the Loading... . The deck also focuses around the card Loading... (hereby referred to as SE) which combines well with Paleozoics like Loading... and Loading... . The deck has a slow to midrange playstyle, depending on how you use SE in concert with the Paleozoic Traps to summon out 2 or more Dinos at the same time.


This is probably the best skill that I would recommend because it gives you the opportunity to get over bigger threats the 300 attack point boost really comes in handy if you just want to beat over bigger monsters

This Skill is similar to Dinosaur Kingdom but it also boosts your DEF while also boosting Rock-Type Loading... .

Core Cards

Raiden, Hand of The Lightsworn (3x)

Raiden, Hand of The Lightsworn
The main combo starter for the deck, and a necessary engine piece for Loading... 's 3 card mill (which enables the rest of the Deck). Additionally, being able to essentially mill 4 more cards during your turn is good especially considering the fact Raiden is a Tuner for Synchro plays.

Charge of the Light Brigade (2x)

Charge of the Light Brigade
The only Limited to 2 card that you will want to run in tandem with Loading... . If you see it in your opening hand or topdeck, chances are you are winning the game if you mill the right cards.

Miscellaneousaurus (3x)

This card is part of the main engine of the deck if you are able to accumulate a certain amount of Dinosaurs in the grave. Using Misc's Graveyard effect to banish Dinos like Loading... to further your plays while also being able to dump itself from the hand to make your Dinosaurs unaffected by your opponent's cards during the Main Phase is very useful.

Survival's End (3x)

Survival's End
One of the most important cards in the Lightsworn Dino deck, being able to pop an opponent's card while in the Graveyard while also triggering your Loading... effect is invaluable. Also being able to activate and subsequently destroy your Paleozoics in the Graveyard is useful as well.

Babycerasaurus (2-3x)

While running three of this helps you more in the grind game, I find that 2 is optimal, because you want to Special Summon it from the Deck and you don't want to see it in your opening hand. It's also a key card that you would want to summon off of Loading... since you can use it's GY effect to pop Baby and an opponent's card, summoning cards like Loading... , Loading... , or Loading... off of Baby's effect. You can also use it to Synchro Summon with Loading... to make a Level 6 Synchro Monster.

Giant Rex (1-2x)

Giant Rex
This is one of the main monsters that you're going to summon summon with Loading... , since it will Special Summon itself when banished from Loading... 's GY effect. You'll only want to run 1-2 of this since you want to see it in the Graveyard but not in your opening hand most of the time.

Tyranno Infinity (2-3x)

Tyranno Infinity
This is your main beater of the deck. The more Dinosaurs you banish off of Loading... or Loading... , the more damage you're able to do in one strike. It's also a good Level 4 to go into your Rank 4 Xyz plays.

Sabersaurus (2x)

This is the only Normal Dinosaur you will need to play in the deck. You can play this in order to use your on-field Loading... (you can also summon it off of Loading... to make your SE live). Alternatively, you can play Loading... if you want 100 extra ATK, but only if you're not playing Loading... .

Tech Cards

Paleozoic Marrella:

Paleozoic Marrella
The Paleozoic Traps are good to use because they synergize with Loading... (as they are Normal Monsters when Summoned). Marrella in particular is good for sending SE to the graveyard, allowing you to use its GY effect for disruption and extension.

Paleozoic Canadia:

Paleozoic Canadia
Canadia, like Loading... , is also really good to run for it's GY effect's synergy with Loading... , but it is completely optional. While being able to flip your opponent's cards face-down is really handy, there are other cards you can run such as Loading... for more versatility.