Dinos were one of the first meta decks in Duel Links by using the skill Dinosaur Kingdom to boost up their dinos to 1900 atk, but they fell off due to not having enough support. With the introduction of Loading... in a tag duel event dinos were able to hit the tier list again since they were able to boost Evilswarm Salamandra to 2750 atk with the field spell. Later on they received another card within Loading... which helped to get over a Loading.... After that there was no real support for them until we got the first Hassleberry event which gave us a really good card that combos very well with the banish effect of Evilswarm Salamandra; Loading.... Dinos got a little bit hyped by using the effect of Giant Rex with cards like Loading... to for an instant Loading... or Loading... to special summon the Giant Rex very easily. A few months later dinos get their strongest card so far Loading... which is able to spam dinos from the deck by destroying normal monsters on the field or cards like Loading... or all Paleozoic cards if they were summoned on the field. But one month later the Six Samurai archetype got introduced into Duel Links and dinos fell off again even though Survival's End is able to destroy Loading... but only if he is the only Six Samurai monster on the field. Few weeks later, Loading... was released and this was pretty much the death of dinos because the protection effect of Neos Fusion counters Survival's End. At the same time the so called “Neos Koa'ki“ deck became meta which was the biggest counter for dinos due to having nothing against the protection effect of Loading... and Loading.... With the introduction of Subterrors Survival's End saw some play by using the normal monster of the skill Masked Tribute to have a good interruption in the opponents turn.


The whole deck focuses around the card Loading... which means that you play a lot of backrow cards especially cards like Loading... and Loading... because those 2 traps can special summon themselves by activating another trap. It has a slow playstyle but this could change really quick if you are able to activate a Survival's End (SE) on the field to summon 1-2 dino(s) from your deck.


Dinosaur Kingdom – This is probably the best skill that I would recommend because it gives you the opportunity to get over bigger threats; for example your Loading... or your Loading... are able to defeat many monsters with 2200 ATK/DEF or your Giant Rex can get up to 2500 atk which could easily crash into a Loading... and your Evilswarm Salamandra can even get over a Loading... after you've banished 2 monsters which its effect.

Sample Decks

Crystron Engine

As you can see the third list contains some Crystron monsters and I tried to build a deck with them because Loading... has the effect of banishing itself to summon a token on the field that you can use with Loading.... But why is there a random Karakuri tuner? Well, he is needed for the 1 card Vermillion combo. That means that if you open with a Rosenix and you didn't draw Crystron Rion or the Karakuri tuner you can go for that combo. The combo works very easily; you normal summon the Loading... and destroy the field spell that you start the duel with due to Dinosaur Kingdom, special summon the Loading... from the deck, synchro summon into the Loading... and then special summon the Loading... with the effect of Burei. After that you synchro summon for Loading... and that's how the combo works. This is a nice combo and the Crystron part adds a lot of speed to the deck BUT (and that's also the reason why i stopped playing the deck) you can also open with either the lv 3 Crystron tuner or the Karakuri tuner and the whole combo doesn't work anymore and you'll have a brick in your hand. This little engine eats up the slots that you wanted to use for more backrow cards as well. But if you wanna have fun and want some synchro summoning action then definitely try out this list. :)

Core Cards