Loading... debuted in the EX Structure Deck, Fullmetal Desperado and revolutionized the coin flip meta. Boasting a strong 2800 Attack stat, it also has a supporting ability that allows you to flip coins and destroy face-up monsters on the field, up to the number of heads. Moreover, when you flip 3 heads, you get to draw a card, provided you successfully destroy a monster on the field. For an exceptionally strong EX card, one would think that the summoning requirements would be somewhat difficult; however, it can be special summoned after a face-up DARK Machine is destroyed by battle or card effect. Using primarily cards from the EX Structure Deck, as well as other staple cards to enhance its consistency and stability, this deck has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.


Desperado is a control deck which utilizes Loading... 's effect in the battle phase to destroy monsters while supporting Desperado with backrow to maintain field presence and generate card advantage. When paired with Master of Destiny , Desperado decks utilize strong generic DARK machine monsters like Loading... in conjunction with synergistic coin flip cards like Loading... and Loading... . This lineup provides Desperado decks with powerful battle phase control, spot removal, and negations all which make Desperado a versatile deck. Prior to the Master of Destiny nerf (which was when the guide was initially released), Desperado decks utilized a Parshath counter trap package, which provided the deck with a slew of counter traps like Loading... that offer spell speed 3 negates. Since then, we have recently received support on three separate occasions: The Orcust Archetype from the main box Judgment Force, Loading... from the Rex Goodwin Event, and Loading... from the mini box Fortress of Gears. In current time, Master of Destiny is the strongest ability for Desperado, with other abilities also being able to be used for KOG if the Orcust Engine gets used instead.


  • Master of Destiny

Master of Destiny ultimately caused this deck to be Tier for a time period. While Master of Destiny lost its relevance since the last update of the guide, it is now the main ability that is played; therefore, it will be the ability that is focused on the most. This ability allows you to get 3 guaranteed Heads, provided you have 7 different coin flip cards in your deck. A notable strength is that it turns a risky card like Loading... into Loading... for the first 3 heads, which is significant in terms of assisting your card advantage. Moreover, it guarantees heads for Loading... so that it can blow up monsters on the field. Master of Destiny is the true coin flipping connoisseur of abilities.

  • Other Skills

For players without access to the skills above, Desperado decks can be played with these skills. While the tiered version plays !Master of Destiny, decks using these skills can reach King of Games. Loading... is an ability that can help you see Loading... attack over a threat such as Loading... , which was impossible to attack over before without the aid of another card. !Sealed Tombs is an anti-meta skill that is best abused to counter graveyard centric strategies. !Switcheroo found success with Cyberdark focused variants. When paired with Loading... , Switcheroo enables you to shuffle garnets into the deck such as Loading... , Loading... , and other cards you would rather keep in the deck. Lastly, Destiny Draw is another meta call and best used in decks where seeing one of tech cards can be crucial for winning the duel.

Core Cards

Since the core cards vary depending on the ability, we will start with the cards for Master of Destiny Desperado (since this has had the most success as of late), followed by the cards needed for Orcust Desperado.

Desperado Barrel Dragon (3x)

Desperado Barrel Dragon

The boss monster of the deck. There is no reason to play any less than 3 of it because it can be special summoned when a face-up DARK Machine is destroyed by battle or card effect. Once on the field, Desperado can flip coins in the battle phase and destroy face-up monsters on the field equal to the number of heads, with the additional effect of drawing a card if successfully destroying at least 1 monster if 3 heads appear. Moreover, when it is sent to the graveyard by any means, it allows for the search of a Level 7 or lower monster that has a coin flip effect! Overall Desperado is a powerhouse monster with a fairly simple summoning requirement.

BM-4 Blast Spider (1-2x)

BM-4 Blast Spider

Blast Spider is one of the main DARK Machine monsters that enables easy Desperado summons. Alongside an incredible 2200 defense stat, its first effect allows it to pop a face-up DARK Machine (including itself) and another face-up card on the opponent’s side of the field. This is particularly useful for getting around cards like Loading... , who can prevent destruction if the only thing being destroyed is a Six Samurai monster. This is a soft once per turn, enabling you to pop a face-up card for every Blast Spider you have. On top of enabling the special summon of Desperado, Blast Spider’s second effect inflicts burn damage when a DARK Machine destroys an opponent’s monster by battle or card effect (including its own effect) equal to half of the destroyed monster’s original attack. Blast Spider must be face-up on the field to activate this effect and this effect is a hard once per turn.

Machina Fortress (2-3x)

Machina Fortress

Arguably the strongest card added in terms of enhancing the Desperado archetype. Loading... is a Level 7 monster with a few amazing effects. The first is that if it is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, it can destroy a card on the opponent’s side of the field. The other effect is that if Loading... is targeted by an effect monster, it can reveal the opponent’s hand and allow you to discard a card (This is a more situational version of the banned TCG card Loading... )! To top things off with 2 amazing effects, Loading... can easily be summoned, as it can be special summoned by discarding machines whose levels equal 8 or higher. While daunting at first glance, this includes using Machina Fortress as a discard outlet itself, meaning all that is needed is another Machine to discard in order to summon it. Moreover Loading... satisfies the discard requirement in itself, as it is a Level 8 machine. This can enable quick OTKs since Fortress will be summoned, and then Loading... can search a monster with a coin flip effect.

Cards Specifically for Master of Destiny

Twin-Barrel Dragon (1-2x)

Twin-Barrel Dragon

Much like Blast Spider, Twin-Barrel Dragon is another card that assists with destroying cards on the field; however, there are a few key differences: Its effect occurs on summon, it can only pop cards on your opponent’s field, and it requires 2 coin flips. The effect requiring coin flips is great because it can be searched via Loading... . Moreover, with Master of Destiny , you are both assisting a met requirement for the ability to function, as well as usually guaranteeing a free destruction of an opponent’s card early in the game. The downsides are that after you use 2 or 3 of your free heads, your chances of destroying a card are no longer guaranteed. Moreover, the only way that Desperado can be summoned with Twin-Barrel Dragon is by it being destroyed by your opponent, which is not as reliable as Blast Spider. While mandatory to run, it is usually advisable to play less Twin-Barrel Dragons than Blast Spiders to accommodate for its late game struggles.

Cup of Ace (2x)

Cup of Ace

The main spell that makes Master of Destiny the best ability to run. What once was a risky card (either a +1 or -3) is now a guaranteed +1 provided you still have 1 of your 3 guaranteed heads remaining. Loading... is semi-limited, so this will take up your two semi-limit slots; however, there are no better semi-limit cards to consider when this card allows you to gain an early card advantage.

Other Relevant Cards in Master of Destiny

Arcana Force XIV - Temperance (0-1x)

Arcana Force XIV - Temperance

A Level 6 coin flip monster that has a relevant discarding effect: By sending it to the graveyard, you reduce all battle damage from one attack to 0. Very similar to Loading... , except it can be searched via Loading... .

Ms. Judge (0-1x)

Ms. Judge

Ever since the counter trap variation of Desperado has become viable, Loading... has become one of the better coin flip options to play. Its continuous effect applies on the resolution of the opponent’s first card to resolve on a chain link (which means Ms. Judge’s effect can also apply to counter traps), and it flips 2 coins. If 2 heads are received, Loading... negates the effect. While usually not a huge deal late game, this is extremely dangerous if opened alongside a counter trap on the first turn of play.