D/D/D (Different Dimension Daemon) is an aggro-combo archetype consisting of Fiend-Type monsters that were introduced in the Truth Universe Main BOX on April 30, 2020. As demon kings who conquered different dimensions, most of the archetype's gameplay focuses on incorporating almost all kinds of summoning mechanics to swarm the field and outplay their opponent with massive attacks. Although some of the core cards of this deck are not yet released, D/D/D is known to be a great OTK deck nonetheless.

About the Author/s

Hi there! My name is Mark. And I'm Shinjo! We are the authors of the D/D/D Guide on DLM. I'm a former OCG player and combo decks with very cool artworks, like D/D/D are just my thing and Shinjo is a TCG player who is also intrigued in combo decks and some control based decks. As Konami released the archetype here in Duel Links, we did not hesitate to get it because we know that it has a high potential and is one of the few decks that has access from Fusions to Links (except for Rituals). After playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for several years now, we’ve become involved in the community. It is out of perseverance and dedication for the deck, that we decided to write this guide, to share our personal insights on the deck to the community and its place in the current meta.


Currently, D/D/D is a combo-oriented beatdown deck that focuses on searching combo pieces and swarming the field with Fusion and Synchro monsters to push for swift OTKs. The deck’s strength comes from Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... ’s effect to allow fusion and synchro plays using both the hand and graveyard. Not only that, D/D/D is also known for its recovery plays using the help of Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... as they were able to recycle cards from the graveyard back to the field. Moreover, D/D/D decks are also equipped with backrow removal thanks to Loading... and Loading... which allows you to secure your attacks. All in all, these strengths allows the deck to shine in its own way.

The goal of this deck is to set up a board of D/D/D monsters with huge attacks specifically Loading... together with Loading... for piercing damage.

In this guide, we will introduce the core cards of a D/D/D deck, provide relevant skills and tech cards, elaborate combos and plays, and discuss its common matchups.

Core Cards

D/D Swirl Slime (2-3x):

D/D Swirl Slime

Loading... is the main combo starter in the deck and it has two beneficial effects. In the hand, it can be used to Fusion Summon Loading... and Loading... , using itself and another D/D monster as fusion materials. It could also be used to Fusion Summon Loading... if a D/D/D monster is used instead. In the graveyard, you can banish it to Special Summon any D/D monster from your hand.

Most of the D/D/D combos will start by using Loading... and another monster to make a fusion play, and then use its graveyard effect to special summon and trigger various effects like that of Loading... and Loading... which could open up OTKs.

D/D Nighthowl (2x):

D/D Nighthowl

The Loading... of the deck. This card, when normal summoned, allows you to special summon any D/D monster from the graveyard at the cost of making its atk/defense zero. Loading... together with a level 7 monster is the key combo for summoning your Loading... which is the game finisher of the deck. However, always remember that you can only special summon Fiend-type monsters after using its effect, also keep in mind of the burn damage it might cause you if the monster summoned by this effect is destroyed by any means.

This card also works wonders after turn 1 so you would like to either search it or top deck it late game for comeback plays. You could use it to revive Loading... to pop a backrow or Loading... to fulfill its Fusion conditions.

D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon (3x):

D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon

You need a playset of this card because it is the only Triple D main deck monster available currently. This is your main fodder for summoning Loading... using the effect of Loading... in the hand. Being a level 7 monster, Loading... combos also with Loading... to Synchro summon your Loading... .

Moreover, its ability to pop a backrow is non-target, so if the opponent doesn't respond anything upon its activation, your opponent cannot chain the backrow anymore. On top of that, this also makes Loading... gain a significant amount of attack enough to go over 3k attack monsters such as Loading...

D/D Vice Typhon (1-2x):

D/D Vice Typhon

The first effect of Loading... is rarely useful but allows you to unclog the field by tributing floodgated D/D monsters on the field and replace them with a Loading... from the deck. The second effect, however, is very useful as it enables the fusion summon of a level 8 or higher D/D/D fusion monster using another D/D monster and itself. Just like Loading... , it is also a level 7 monster which can also be used for synchro plays.

When using this card you should take note of the following: *Currently, the only fusion target of this card is Loading... *Its second effect will only work the same turn it was sent to the graveyard

D/D Ghost (0-2x):

D/D Ghost

Another tuner aside from Loading... . This card is mostly used on builds running level 8 synchro monsters such as Loading... and Loading... which could be made together with Loading... . This card is good for filling your graveyard and for deck thinning. The second effect to return banished cards to the graveyard is somewhat useful as well.

D/D Berfomet (0-2x):

D/D Berfomet

An underrated card used mainly by synchro variant D/D/D decks. This card enables you to modify the level of another D/D monster on the field from 1-8. It can also be paired up with Loading... to allow easy synchro plays. The only downside of this card is that it limits you for using only D/D monsters for the rest of the turn. It may not see play in the current meta, but it sure has the potential to be played in the future.

D/D Pandora (0x):

D/D Pandora

A level 5 D/D monster with a very situational effect is not worth running at all.

D/D/D Flame King Genghis (1x):

D/D/D Flame King Genghis

Loading... is one of your main combo enablers in the deck. While being the smallest extra deck monster, it could provide so much value when used at the right time. It allows you to revive your monsters in the graveyard when another D/D is special summoned to the field. If it dies, it salvages a Dark Contract card which could be used next turn to potentially recover from a board wipe. Moreover, this card can also be used as a fusion material monster and probably a synchro material monster as well in some situations.

D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc (1x):

D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc

The healer of the deck. Aside from Loading... , you may also consider fusing into this card using Loading... and another D/D monster. Because it is a level 7 monster, Loading... is usually used as a stepping stone on the way to Loading... using Loading... . Its ATK is very decent, and her effect can be useful when you're running low on LP and can't afford to take any more burn damage, so if you happen to come across burn decks, she's the best pick.

D/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf (1-2x):

D/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf

Loading... is one of the deck's main source of damage due to its ability to have your D/D monsters do piercing damage against various meta decks lacking defense. Its delayed but powerful S/T destruction effect makes this card the best D/D/D monster to make in turn 1. This card can easily be brought out of the extra deck using Loading... together with Loading... , and is the only fusion target by the effect of Loading... .

D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok (0-1x):

D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok

This card is an optional card in your extra deck because it need two D/D/D monsters. In other words, it is ineligible to be summoned by the effect of both Loading... and Loading... which is hard to do unless you're using Loading... or any kind of fusion spell such as Loading... . However, if you happen to pull this off, this guy is a game changer. It has a huge attack, can bounce your Dark Contracts to avoid burn damage, and can equip your opponent's monster to itself. The equip effect is non-target so it is very useful for removing indestructible and untargetable monsters, though always remember that your opponent will need to have at least one other monster to make use of its effect.

D/D/D Gust King Alexander (0-1x):

D/D/D Gust King Alexander

Loading... is mostly used by synchro variant decks. It combos well with Loading... which creates multiple graveyard recursions through synchro climbing. Its revival trigger is better than that of Loading... which can be activated from normal and special summons. However, its graveyard targets are weaker in comparison, only being able to revive level 4 or lower monsters.

D/D/D Gust High King Alexander (1-2x):

D/D/D Gust High King Alexander

This card is the win condition of the deck. It is the best beatstick that can make swift OTKs against your opponent. The effect of Loading... to boost itself to 6000 atk is very good against decks who rely on normal summoning weak monsters because this card can just attack over them and win you the game. This card also has an upgraded effect in comparison to Loading... , since it can revive any D/D monster from the graveyard regardless of its level. Though lacking protection, this card is very deadly when paired with Loading... because it can pierce your opponent to lethal.

Dark Contract with the Gate (3x):

Dark Contract with the Gate

The main searcher of the deck. It can add any D/D monster from your deck to your hand which is a hard once per turn effect (you can only activate a single copy of the same card in a turn) at the cost of 1000 burn damage during every next standby phase. It is one of the key cards which makes the deck consistent but is deadly when left unattended.