Hi, I'm radlup, I'm an 18 year old college student in NYC, and I've always had a passion for rogue Graveyard manipulation decks such as Batterymen, Madolche, and now Crystrons! Im super active in DLM and Clan and Team Wars, I really love this deck, i have so much fun playing it :)

Hi, I am MetalOverdrive, 22 yo college student, and a huge fan of the rouge decks that have too much text to read and offer shenanigans and multiple plays, such as Noble Knight and Vampires. Crystrons fall in both of those categories. When I woke up and saw the Cybernetic Rebellion Reveal, I fell for the aesthetics of the Crystron toys. Naturally, we had to find a way to make this work, so here we are! We hope you’ll want to play and enjoy crystrons as well after reading this guide!

Crystrons are the WATER-Attribute, MACHINE-Type archetype that got added to Duel Links in Cybernetic Rebellion Main BOX. The main strength of the deck is Synchro summoning, while being able to search the pieces of puzzle you need from deck fairly easily. What makes this deck different from other Synchro-focused decks is the ability to perform Synchro summons during the opponent’s turn, but it’s limited to machine type Synchros only. This opens the new interactions that were previously limited only to cards such as Loading... , but unlike those, you can synchro without needing to be attacked. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the full archetype, but Duel Links already has interesting enough tools to make the deck top tier!

This guide will go over a few categories: cards that belong to archetype, and the ones that don’t, sorted by: main deck monsters/spells and traps/extra deck monsters, combo section, skill section, matchup sections and quarion summoning section.

IMPORTANT: if you use auto setting on toggle-button while you have a crystron tuner that can summon something, the game WILL NOTIFY you that opponents is about the end the turn from the Main Phase. This however can be used as a bait if opponent knows it too, since they can decide to resume their main phase after you perform a Synchro summon.

Archetypal Cards

Main Deck Monsters: non-tuners.

All non-tuners except Loading... have the same first effect where they destroy a face up card you control to special summon a Crystron tuner from the deck. Also all of them have the graveyard effect as well, and you can use only 1 of their effects per turn!

If you use non-tuner effects (except Sulfefnir’s) on the field, YOU CAN ONLY SYNCHRO INTO MACHINES!

Crystron Sulfefnir (2-3x)

The card that enables the deck. It’s used as a searcher by destroying itself, and it can be used from hand or the graveyard by discarding a crystron card. Unfortunately it can’t discards itself like Loading... can, nor can it discard the other copies of Loading... . Unlike other non-tuners, you can destroy both face-up and face-down cards which can enable more plays(see quarion summoning section). Depending on the build, it can be played 2-3 copies. 3 are recommended for consistency, but you can safely run 2 if you are playing less than 28 cards.

Crystron Smiger (2-3x)

The level 3 non-tuner is a vital part of every crystron deck. The value of this card comes from 2 things: being able to set up Loading... by itself, and graveyard effect that gives you advantage. If you have Smiger in your graveyard you can banish it to search a Crystron spell or trap from your deck. He will be searching the very powerful Loading... which really help us extend plays and combos, while also recycling banished tuners easily. He works really well when discarded for Sulf as he can use his graveyard effect immediatly. Being a level three also allows citree to use him to make Ametrix. We recommend running 2-3.

Crystron Thystvern (3x)

This is another irreplacible Level 3 non-tuner, and it has the exact same functionality as Smiger, except he searches a crystron monster from the deck. You can use his GY effect to grab a Sulfefnir if needed, or any monster that you need in order to finish off a combo. Remember that using his graveyard effect doesn't lock you out of machines, so it can be a good play to search a tuner with him so you can synchro powerful non machine synchros such as Loading... or Loading... . Other than that utility, playwise, you can use thystvern just like you would use smiger.

Crystron Rosenix (1-2x)

The level 4 non-tuner is also a very important piece of the deck. It has a decent body and by itself it can make a level 6 machine Synchro during the opponent’s turn. Value of Rosenix can be found in its level, for making Quariongandrax, and synergy with the rest of the archetype provided by the graveyard effect! If you banish rosenix from the graveyard you get a 0/0 level 1 token that can’t be tributed. However you are able to manipulate the levels with Level alteration skills, or with Loading... . You can also destroy the token with other non-tuners for “free” tuners! Recommended number of copies: 1-2.

Crystron Prasiortle (1x)

The last archetypal non-tuner we have currently and the one with the least utility of the 3. Praisotle can’t go into a synchro by itself, however it’s still a great card to use as a cost for Sulfefnir and send to the graveyard with the second effect of Loading... . It’s graveyard effect allows you to special summon any Crystron monster from your hand which can enable even more combos. Because of its searchability and meta relevant defense, it should be played at 1 copy.

Main Deck Monsters: Tuners

All tuners can Synchro summon machine-types monsters during the opponent’s main and battle phase. There are only 2 differences between them: their levels and where are the resources they use located. IMPORTANT NOTE! If something happens to your tuner after you activate its effect(for example it gets destroyed by Loading... ) you will summon the other material on the field but Synchro summon will not be performed! Other material summoned this way will have its EFFECTS NEGATED as long as it’s on the field! The total amount of tuners you should be running is 5-6. Currently the the best ratio is 2 Citrees and 3 Rions, although the other way around works decently well.