Blue Eyes is not a new archetype, most of the cards came out in The White Dragon Of Legend. It revolves around spitting out big monsters like Loading... (BEWD) and Loading... to put constant pressure on your opponent while also banishing their backrow. Thanks to the new box, Lords Of Shining, Blue-Eyes received great support in the form of Loading... . It had its prime time back in November 2018 where it won an MCS. Sadly with the nerf of A Trick up the Sleeve it became too inconsistent, because you weren't guaranteed to open up with Loading... . However, Loading... fixes all of those problems so Blue Eyes is back in the meta.


  • Sealed Tombs :
    This is the most popular skill to use with Blue Eyes. It is a pretty good anti-meta skill in the current format, because it prevents your opponent from banishing Loading... to stop attacks and protecting Loading... with Loading... .

  • Beatdown :
    This skill is perfect for the mirror, because your Blue Eyes will have more attack than your opponent’s monsters. The drawback of it is that your opponent will be able to banish cards from his/her graveyard which protects Loading... . In my opinion, Beatdown is kind of a “win more” skill.

Sample Decks

Kei, 1st Place MCS XVIII

MiguelJoker, Top 8 MCS XVIII

Charisma, Top 8 MCS XVIII

Superforms, KOG May 2019

Core Cards

The White Stone of Ancients (3x):

The White Stone of Ancients

Loading... is what makes this deck viable again. It adds a lot of consistency. Also, you can add back Loading... and Loading... by banishing Loading... which can then be used to discard for special summoning Loading... . Sadly, setting Loading... can be crucial as it summons Loading... and Loading... in the End Phase when it gets sent to the Graveyard.

Dragon Spirit of White (3x):

Dragon Spirit of White

This card auto-wins against any type of stall deck. It can also dodge targeting effects by sending it to the Graveyard to special summon a Loading... from the hand.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2x):

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

The lovable boss monster this deck is built around. Having 3000 ATK and being easy to special summon makes this card very strong in the current meta. Loading... can’t beat over it without a minimum of 5 monsters in the grave.

Cosmo Brain (2-3x):

Cosmo Brain

This used to a 1-of in the old Blue-Eyes decks but without A Trick up the Sleeve you have to run at least 2 to open with it more often. It’s a 3100 ATK beater with the ability to summon Loading... from the deck by tributing one effect monster. You can also summon Loading... from your hand (as it doesn’t count as a normal monster while in your deck).

Sphere Kuriboh (2-3x):

Sphere Kuriboh

Loading... is a great card for this deck, because you don’t really have a good turn 1 play outside of setting a Loading... or a Loading... . So this card gives you the needed protection from opponents threatening lethal early in the match. Once you’ve established a board you can also use Loading... to tribute for Loading... ’s effect.

Silver's Cry (2-3x):

Silver's Cry

This card lets you summon a Loading... or a Loading... from your Graveyard. Loading... will also let you banish 1 backrow from your opponent (as long as it's summoned on Chain Link 1). This card gives you a lot of OTK potential because it either summons a 2500 ATK monster with backrow removal or a 3000 ATK beatstick.

Enemy Controller / Treacherous Trap Hole (1-2x):

Enemy Controller
Treacherous Trap Hole

There is no optimal Semi-Limit card for this deck. Loading... is a free +1 destruction which also can destroy Loading... while under Sealed Tombs . Loading... steals games and also has synergy with Loading... by stealing your opponent's monster and then tributing it off with Loading... ’s effect. I’d recommend adding one or the other, or one of each, as both are great in the deck and can placate to your own preferences.

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon (1x):

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

Very strong option against Koa’ki Meiru, because it stops Loading... from destroying all of your special summoned monsters.

Giganticastle (2x):


3100 ATK beater which is needed to win the Ancient Gear matchup, because once you banish Loading... their Loading... will not have more than 3000 attack.

Red Dragon Archfiend (1x):

Red Dragon Archfiend

This card is the key to win against Stall decks, because you have a hard time dealing with Loading... . With Loading... you can attack those and destroy all defense position monsters your opponent controls.

Stardust Dragon (1x):

Stardust Dragon

This card is only needed for the Yubel matchup, because it is an auto-win if you get it out.

Armades, Keeper of Boundaries (1x):

Armades, Keeper of Boundaries

You can only summon it if you play Loading... or Loading... . It's a great addition for the Stall/Amazon matchup as well, because your opponent can't use Loading... .