The Blue-Eyes archetype is one of the most famous archetypes in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! and isn't new to Duel Links either, with most of the cards coming out in The White Dragon of Legend and before. In the past, Blue-Eyes’s main goal was to just get monsters with a lot of ATK like Loading... or Loading... out onto the field to put pressure on the opponent. Nowadays, the deck also has several ways to destroy your opponent’s cards. The first competitive version of Blue-Eyes had its prime time back in November 2018 where it won an MCS. Sadly, with the nerf of A Trick up the Sleeve , it became too inconsistent because you weren’t guaranteed to open up with Loading... . However, thanks to Loading... which was released in Lords of Shining Blue-Eyes was able to establish itself in the meta again for a while. However, it quickly fell off again, becoming a rogue deck. But in March 2020, Blue-Eyes received a lot of great support with the new box Judgement Force. Since then, the deck has been in and out of the meta a lot.


Ultimate Dragons

Ultimate Dragons is the best skill to use with the deck now for several reasons. First of all, it saves Extra Deck spots by adding Loading... , Loading... and Loading... to your Extra Deck. Then, with its second effect, it can turn bad hands with 3 Loading... , for example, into decent hands with the added Loading... . Additionally, the added Polymerization can sometimes serve as material for your discard traps.

Core Cards

These are the cards that should be present in every competitive Blue-Eyes deck.

  • Main Deck

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3x)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Loading... is one of the most iconic monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise and the card this deck is built around. With its stat line of 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, as well as the ability to be special summoned quite easily by cards such as Loading... or Loading... , it is quite oppressive. Additionally, it gives you access to your boss monster Loading... and other Level 9 synchro monsters when used in conjunction with one of your tuners.

Dragon Spirit of White (1x)

Dragon Spirit of White

The card that you don’t want to, but somehow always see in your opening hand. As it banishes a spell / trap (backrow) card on its summon, Loading... is your best friend against backrow heavy decks such as Cyber Dragons, for example. Additionally, it can also dodge targeting effects with its second effect by tributing itself to special summon a Loading... from the hand. Note though that your opponent must control a monster, in order for you to be able to activate this effect.

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon (1x)

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Being only available at one copy in Duel Links, Loading... is one of the most important cards of the deck. Once per turn, by revealing a Loading... in your hand, Alternative can special summon itself from your hand. This effect increases the consistency of Blue-Eyes decks being able to summon Loading... , the deck’s boss monster, on their first turn by a lot. Alternative’s other effect allows you to, once per turn target a monster your opponent controls and destroy it. However, you cannot attack with Alternative the turn you use this effect. Thus, after using this effect, Alternative is usually used as Synchro / XYZ material.

The Melody of Awakening Dragon

The Melody of Awakening Dragon

Melody is a card that did not see competitive play in Blue-Eyes decks until the release of Loading... . By discarding a card, Melody allows you to add up to 2 Dragon-type monsters with 3000 or more ATK and 2500 or less DEF from your deck to your hand. Now, in Blue-Eyes decks, discarding a card can actually be quite good, if the discarded card is a Loading... . Melody increases both the frequency of Loading... and the Ultimate Dragons skill, making it an essential card for the deck.

The White Stone of Ancients (3x)

The White Stone of Ancients

When Loading... was released, it helped to increase the deck’s consistency by a lot. Nowadays it’s still one of the deck’s strongest cards as it allows you to summon a Loading... or a Loading... during the end phase of the turn it was sent to the graveyard. This effect is also incredibly powerful in conjunction with Loading... , which will be mentioned later in the guide, as you essentially draw 2 cards and resolve Ancients’ effect during the End Phase. Ancients’ second effect allows you to add a “Blue-Eyes” monster from your graveyard to your hand by banishing itself from the graveyard. This effect can be used to recycle your Loading... . As it is a Level 1 tuner, it is crucial to access your Synchro monsters, e.g. Loading... or Loading... .

Sage with Eyes of Blue (3x)

Sage with Eyes of Blue

Being one of the most powerful cards in the deck, Sage allows you to add a Level 1 LIGHT tuner from your deck to your hand. Most of the time, your target for this effect will be Loading... to then use it with Loading... or one of your discard traps. Sage comes with yet another great effect. By discarding itself, Sage allows you to target an effect monster you control, send it to the Graveyard to then special summon a “Blue-Eyes” monster from your deck. This effect is useful in a variety of situations but is mainly used to get rid of opponent’s backrow on your turn via Loading... or to just set up a push with either target.

Extra Deck:

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon (2x)

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon

Loading... is the main boss monster of Blue-Eyes decks. With its first effect it prevents your opponent from special summoning 2 monsters at the same time, completely shutting down Ritual Beasts decks. With its second effect, it also allows you to negate the activation of an effect in the graveyard Loading... once per turn. And it has yet another useful effect. Its last effect is great to dodge targeting effects by tributing itself to special summon a LIGHT Dragon-Type Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck in Defense position. Note though that the monster you summoned off this effect will be destroyed in the End Phase. To play around this clause, your main target for this effect is Loading... due to its protection effect.

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon (1-2x)

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

On special summon, Loading... prevents your dragon monsters currently on the field from being targeted and destroyed card effects until the end of the next turn. However, your opponent can play around this by chaining a card with a destruction / targeting effect, like Loading... to its summon. Azure-Eyes also prevents you from running out of resources as it is basically a Monster Reborn for your Loading... or your Loading... during your Standby Phase. With the release of Loading... this card became a lot more viable as its protection effect could now be used on your opponent’s turn.

Vermillion Dragon Mech (1x)

Vermillion Dragon Mech

Vermillion is another powerful Level 9 synchro monster that the deck has access to. By banishing a tuner from either your hand, face-up field or graveyard, you can target a card your opponent controls and destroy it. This effect is very useful as it allows you to get rid of both monsters and backrow cards. Your primary target when it comes to banishing tuners is Loading... , as a Loading... is quite useful. Vermillion’s other effect allows you to add one of your banished tuners back to your hand if it’s destroyed by card effect and sent to the graveyard. Although this effect comes up seldom, it can be of good use to recover some of your resources.

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis (1x)

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis

Once per turn, by detaching an XYZ material, Heliopolis to tribute any amount of cards from your hand and / or field to then destroy cards on the field equal to the number of tributed monsters. This effect does not target. It is thus crucial for Blue-Eyes decks as it is one of your only options to get rid of monsters that cannot be targeted, such as Loading... , for example.