As of November 11th, 2019, a flock of Blackwing support have finally landed into the world of Duel Links. Many key cards to the deck's succession such as Loading... , Loading... and viable synchro monsters were introduced. This guide is meant to both inform and persuade about the strength, consistency, and swarming capabilities in order to prove its spot on the tier list. What you will find in our guide are in-depth explanations regarding the archetype's cards, knowledge of various matchups, and combos used to create a game-winning board.

Why Blackwings?

Blackwings are extremely offensive, going in for quick games with the vast amount of swarming they can do. This deck heavily emphasizes the need to synchro summon for your major plays and with how easily searchable the archetype's cards are. If you like high-octane offense, quick games and cool combos, this deck is for you!

About the Authors


Hello, I'm Moody. Many of you may recognize me from different Twitch streams or the DLM Discord, I'm always trying to help others when it comes to deck building as well as teaching how to play those decks.


Hello! I'm Blackwing-Dragon but most people call me Ronnie. I've been playing Yugioh as early as 2008 on an old website, DuelingNetwork. Ever since I took a break from the game up until Duel Links. I've played Blackwings as my favorite deck of any format and I'm so glad to see that this deck has finally been given some of the best support it can!


Hi, I'm Gnurrgard. I live in Germany and have been playing card games basically since my brother bought the Starter Deck Yugi when the game released here. I've had some success as a deckbuilder in both Gwent and Duel Links, most notably finding the Fortune Lady combo with my friend DoBa.


Hi, I'm Erikson.... Well actually this is Gnurrgard because Erikson was too lazy to write an introduction. Erikson is a former TPC member who has a lot of tournament experience with Blackwings and wants to share it in this guide


Reduction is the deck's strongest going second skill. Having an extra extender for when your Blackwing tuner gets disrupted, you’re able to advance your plays without that tuner. If there’s no interruption from your opponent the amount of field advantage you generate is one of the best in the game currently.