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In this guide I will go over a list of current viable Archfiend builds, their cards, matchup strengths and weaknesses, as well as general advice while playing this archetype. Archfiends are very powerful in the hands of a skilled player and can devastate an opponent's resources while bolstering your own. The deck is unphased by your opponent’s destruction effects. In fact, we encourage them due to cards like Loading... and Loading... allowing us to constantly replenish ourselves from the grave and retain board presence with one of the most imposing deck bosses in the Duel Links meta game.

It should be noted that each of the 3 current main builds all focus on different plays, set-ups, and seek out different cards throughout the duel. Which build you go after is entirely dependent on your preferred playstyle and the type of deck that you value the most.

Current Builds

Currently, Archfiends make the most use out of 3 builds:

  • Dark Worlds
    Dark Worlds and Archfiends have combined to create a true horror from below. This deck is a glass cannon - meaning it foregoes nearly all defense (other than what Call of the Archfiend can provide) and applies immense pressure on your opponent because of the explosive combos. Your opponent may think they are out of the water when they survive a burst from Loading... only to find out they must deal with Loading... and Call as well.

  • LP Boost α
    Loading... Archfiends are the 2nd way to play this archetype. This deck focuses on sustained burst plays that control the opponent’s board while also retaining presence with Emperor and Loading.... LP Boost allows us to avoid most OTKs in the meta as well as giving us access to Loading... to pull Emperor/Empress from the deck.

  • Needlebug Nest
    Loading... provides the third way to play this archetype. Many of the core cards are still the same as LP Boost, but this version is able to quickly flood their grave with large monsters and then combo them with Call/Roar right away. This version offers large OTK potential, but can also fall victim to poor mills. However, it is regarded currently as the most competitive list.

Optimized Decks

Dark World Build by Mewf