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An archetype that has been in Duel Links since the very beginning, Amazoness has only become competitively viable recently due to some new cards released. What was once clunky, and seemingly lacked a win condition, has now become very consistent, and has a very clear win condition. This deck deserves to be on the tier list, and should be expected in any large-scale tournament.

About the Author

Some of you may know me from General Chat in the Discord and even fewer may recognise me from my Alien guide. Despite being commonly labeled as a troll, I do try and help out players in any way I can, and am very active in the Amazoness channel. I'm very good at theoretical gameplay, which really helps me analyze matchups and figure out appropriate deck ratios. While this deck isn’t as difficult to master as some of the other decks in the current meta, it still has some hidden pathways, and I hope to be able to share those with you through this guide. Without further ado, here is (part one of) my Amazoness guide.

Skill Overview

Going to cut straight to the chase with this one; Restart is the optimal skill for this deck. It allows you to return bad hands to the deck, in order to try and draw a more playable hand. As this deck relies around Onslaught (see Deck Core) as its primary win condition, It is necessary that you have it on your first turn, as it is very difficult to win without it. These other skills may be used, but aren’t recommended by any means, as most of them are unnecessary or are outshined by other skills.

  • Balance :
    Assures a predictable monster-spell-trap ratio with every starting hand, but does not guarantee access to Loading... , and makes it so that you open with it far less consistently than with Restart.

  • The Tie that Binds :
    Boosts your monsters’ ATK until the end phase, somewhat redundant in a deck that wins by banishing your opponent’s monsters, and does not add any consistency to the deck.

  • Firm as the EARTH :
    Same reasoning as above, but will give a larger ATK boost, making it arguably better than The Tie that Binds, but still not as good as Restart.

TL;DR: Restart is best, screw the rest

Decklist Breakdown

This section will help you construct your deck. Not really much else to put here, have fun reading.

Deck Core

Amazoness Princess
Amazoness Queen
Amazoness Swords Woman
Amazoness Baby Tiger
Amazoness Onslaught
  • Loading... : Always 3

  • Utility: Consistency
    This archetype’s do-all card. Princess can search your deck for any “Amazoness” Spell/Trap card on summon, as well as Special Summon any Amazoness monster from your deck by sending a card from your hand or field to the graveyard. This card is the best opening monster and nearly every hand that sees her is good. Do note that Princess can become a liability to have on the field after Loading... is out, and can lead to an accidental suicide, as it cannot be killed. ALWAYS check your opponent’s board state before summoning Queen.

  • Loading... : Always 1

  • Utility: Boss Monster, Prevents Destruction
    Queen serves as our boss monster, and will prevent your Amazoness monsters from being destroyed by battle, including herself. She is often the optimal search for Princess and will often cause your opponent to lose the game if they have no means of removing her from the field. Getting the card will take time, as the only obtainable copy is obtained by leveling Mai up to 45. I would not recommend this deck in tournament play without Queen, as it adds much-needed power to win many games.

  • Loading... : Recommend 3

  • Utility: Prevents Battle Damage
    Swords Woman is the deck’s “free attacker”. Your opponent takes all battle damage from battles involving her instead, giving an alternate win condition against larger monsters, and becoming light protection against Loading... . It has amazing synergy with Queen, allowing her to constantly attack with next-to-no repercussions, as she cannot be destroyed by battle while Queen is on the field.

  • Loading... : Recommend 2

  • Utility: Field Swarm
    Baby Tiger can summon itself from the hand or graveyard when another Amazoness monster enters the battlefield. This makes it a free summon even after it has been destroyed, providing a very strong wall when paired with Onslaught. It is also a perfect tribute for E-Con, as well as amazing Princess fodder. Despite how good it is, its effect can only be used once per turn, and opening numerous copies can often be problematic as anything past the first copy loses all of its value. Running 3 copies should only be considered when the meta is very Spellbook-heavy, as it is one of the most important cards in that match.

  • Loading... : Always 3

  • Utility: Field Swarm, Monster Removal
    Onslaught is one of the most powerful cards in the game, allowing you to banish any monster that battles with an Amazoness monster you control. It can also Special Summon an Amazoness monster from your hand during the Battle Phase, as well as give the Special Summoned monster 500 additional ATK until the end of the turn. This effect can be used by every face-up Onslaught you control. This card is the center of this deck, and will often lose if it is not used early in the game, or if it is removed by the opponent, and you are unable to get another out.

TL;DR: Don’t have 3 Princess and don’t want to get Queen? Don’t play this deck. End of Story.