• After each duel you score points for each of the below criteria you fulfill.
  • You will receive 1 reward for every 1000 points upto a maximum of 8000.
  • When farming Legendary Duelists you should aim to meet the criteria below in order to attain the maximum 8 rewards!

You can only attain one of these base requirements

Assessment Points Description
Duel Victory 2000 Win a duel
Quick Victory 2500 Win a duel by turn 4 or earlier
Draw 1500 Draw a duel
Duel Loss 1000 Lose a duel
Deck Out Victory 2100 Win a duel by your opponent 'decking out'
Special Victory 3000 Win by Loading... or the Destiny Board skill

Note: If you surrender you get a score of 0 - all points are disregarded!

Score more points by fulfilling additional requirements below

Assessment Points Description
Over 3000 Damage! 500 Deal over 3000 LP damage in a single battle/effect
Over 5000 Damage! 1800 Deal over 5000 LP damage in a single battle/effect
Over 9999 Damage! 3000 Deal over 9999 LP damage in a single battle/effect
No Damage 500 Win a duel without receiving any battle/effect damage
Victory by Effect Damage Only 1000 Only deal effect damage during the duel
Konami Bonus 500 Win a duel with 5730 Life Points remaining
Destroy 5 Monsters 100 Destroy 5 of your opponents monsters
Destroy 7 Monsters 200 Destroy 7 of your opponents monsters
Destroy 10 Monsters 300 Destroy 10 of your opponents monsters

Note: Points from 3000/5000/9999 damage and 5/7/10 monster destruction do not stack.

Assessment Points Description
Low LP 500 Win a duel with 1000 LP or less
LP on the Brink 1000 Win a duel with 100 LP or less
Few Cards 200 Win a duel with 5 or less cards in your deck
Cards on the Brink 500 Win a duel with no cards left in your deck
Comeback Victory 500 Win a duel with your LP lower than your opponent at the start of your turn

Note: Points from 'Low LP'/'LP on the Brink' and 'Few Cards'/'Cards on the Brink' do not stack.

Note. You can't get 'Comeback Victory' and 'Quick Victory' on the same Duel.

Assessment Points Description
Summoned DIVINE Monster 1000 Summon Loading..., Loading... or Loading... during a duel
Performed Special Summon 100 Special summon during the duel (this includes Fusion & Ritual summons)
Performed Tribute Summon 300 Tribute summon during the duel
Performed Fusion Summon 400 Fusion summon during the duel
Performed Ritual Summon 400 Ritual summon during the duel
Performed Synchro Summon 400 Synchro summon during the duel
Performed Xyz Summon 400 Xyz summon during the duel
Activated Spell 100 Play a spell card during the duel
Activated Trap 100 Play a trap card during the duel

Note: Points from DIVINE/Special/Tribute/Fusion/Ritual/Synchro/Xyz summonning and activating spells/traps can only be gained once.