Auto-Dueling is a feature that has been around since shortly after Duel Links' release. It allows the AI to use your most current deck to duel against Standard Duelists in the Duel Worlds. Recently the Auto-Duel function was extended to Legendary Duelists that appear in the Duel World such as roaming event Legendary Duelists. It is important to note that the AI is not as skilled as most human players and they have a set method of playing the cards they have available. If you watch the AI Auto-Duel, you will see that at times it makes plays that do not make sense. It is occasionally necessary for you to step in and take off Auto-Duel to ensure victory if you see the AI is about to lose due to misplays. With that in mind, the decks listed below have been created to consistently defeat the Lvl: 57 Standard Duelists.

Sample Decks

Basic Beatdown

Replacement Options

My Monster Cards

Replacement Options
  • Monsters can be replaced with any strong Level 4 monster
  • Backrow can be replaced with strong generic backrow such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , etc.

  • If you have a consistent Auto-Duel deck that you think other players could use, post it here!
  • If you have suggestions for useful replacements, feel free to share them below.
  • If you notice a problem with the deck while facing a lower level Standard Duelist, leave a message in the comments and post the deck you have found to work best.