Event Information

  • Duelist Challenges have begun! Test your wits with campaign exclusive Duel Quizzes!
  • This event takes place from September 3rd - September 9th.
  • Complete all 5 challenges to obtain Loading... , A Glossy R Ticket and 50 Gems!

Challenge Solutions

Solutions to challenges are listed here, but we encourage new players to try the challenges on their own as learning how cards interact together is crucial to improving as a duelist!

Tour Guide

Challenge #1 - Reward: 10 Gems

  1. Activate End of the World to Ritual Summon Demise, then activate it's effect to destroy your opponent's field.
  2. Banish the 2 Insect Knight from your Graveyard to Special Summon Doom Dozer.
  3. Enter the Battle Phase and Attack for game!

Challenge #2 - Reward: R Ticket (Glossy)

  1. Activate Shallow Grave to Special Summon Empress Mantis, then Normal Summon Infernity Knight.
  2. Clash Infernity Knight with one of Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress, then activate Infernity Knight's effect to send both Avengers to the Graveyard to Special Summon Infernity Knight again.
  3. Clash Infernity Knight again with the other Winged Dragon, then Special Summon 1 of the 2 Avengers from your Graveyard.
  4. Attack the face-down Gaap with Avenger, then clash Empress Mantis with Gaap, then Special Summon both Avengers from your Graveyard.
  5. Attack Directly with Calculator for game!

Challenge #3 - Reward: 20 Gems

  1. Enter the Battle Phase, then activate Gottoms' Emergency Call, Target and Special Summon XX-Saber Fulhelmknight and XX-Saber Emmersblade.
  2. Activate Urgent Tuning, then Synchro Summon Naturia Barkion using Fulhelmknight and Emmersblade.
  3. Attack Directly with Naturia Barkion, then negate Nutrient Z and Golden Apples with Barkion's Effect.
  4. Attack Directly with Airbellum for game!

Challenge #4 - Reward: Overtex Qoatlus

  1. Activate Wonder Balloons to discard Elephammer and Sword Fish.
  2. Normal Summon Friendonkey and Special Summon Sword Fish from your Graveyard.
  3. Suicide Sword Fish, then activate Performapal Revival to Special Summon Elephammer from your Graveyard.
  4. Destroy Collider with your Elephammer, then activate Sky Pupil's to Special Summon it by returning Elephammer.
  5. Attack Master of Oz with Sky Pupil and activate it's effect to destroy Master of Oz.
  6. Attack Directly with Friendonkey for game!

Challenge #5 - Reward: 20 Gems

  1. Normal Summon Ninishi, then Normal Summon Nisamu.
  2. Activate Kunamzan's Effect to Special Summon it by changing one of your monsters Position.
  3. Synchro Summon Burei, then activate it's Effect to Special Summon Sazank from your Deck.
  4. Synchro Summon Bureido, then activate it's Effect to Special Summon Nishipachi in Defense Position, activate Nishipachi's Effect to change Acid Cloud to Defense Position.
  5. Activate Burei's Effect to change Nishipachi Position, Bureido's Effect to add Gold Dust to your hand.
  6. Enter the Battle Phase, Attack first with Burei, then Bureido, finally activate Gold Dust and Select Bureido to change it's Position and Select Nishipachi to gain the ATK.
  7. Attack Directly with Nishipachi for game!

Video Solutions

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