Event Information

  • This event takes place from October 21st to October 27th.
  • Collect Harmonicas by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels
  • Use Harmonicas to spin the roulette and Duel against the opponent decided by it
  • Advance through the areas by winning duels to obtain Rewards!
  • Unlock Kalin Kessler by completing Area 3, which unlocks on October 24th
  • Unlock Kalin's exclusive Skill Shell of a Ghost on October 24th by completing Round 2 of Area 3.
  • Collect all the Fragments by completing various areas to get an exclusive Game Mat

Lottery Rewards

Luna the Dark Spirit
Infernity Doom Dragon
Infernity Destroyer
Infernity Reflector
Fabled Ashenveil
Archfiend's Call
A Cat of Ill Omen
Hidden Soldiers
Dark Energy
Skull Knight
Remove Trap
Tainted Wisdom
Ancient Brain
Dark Chimera
Revival of Dokurorider

Area Rewards

Area 1

Round Reward
Round 1 Prismatic Loading...
Round 2 40 Gems
Round 3 SR Jewel

Area 2

Round Reward
Round 1 Loading...
Round 2 80 Gems
Round 3 SR Jewel

Area 3

Round Reward
Round 1 Kalin Kessler (Or 1 UR Jewel)
Round 2 Shell of a Ghost
Round 3 Loading...
Round 4 50 R Jewels

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