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Special Orders can be obtained from duels against:

  • Officer Tetsu Trudge
  • Standard and Legendary Duelists (not including the gate)
  • The Vagabond
  • Ranked Duels

You can only hold a maximum of 10 Special Orders, and you have the option to delete those in your inventory.

Special Orders

There are now event missions with 100 gems up for grabs!

Mission Reward
Use Officer Tetsu Trudge's Skills 1 time 10 Gems
Summon Loading... 1 time in Duel World 20 Gems
Summon Loading... 2 times in Duel World 20 Gems
Summon Loading... 3 times in Duel World 20 Gems
Reduce your opponent's LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with Loading... 30 Gems

Special Orders Info

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Event Information

  • Everyone's favourite Sector Security Officer, Tetsu Trudge has arrived! Duel him to obtain all new card rewards and unlock him at 400,000 points!
  • This event takes place from October 29th to November 8th.
  • Duel against Legendary/Standard Duelists and in Ranked Duels to collect "Security Badges" which you use to duel Trudge at the gate.
  • Obtain EX Jewels by dueling Trudge to use at the Card Trader EX to trade for whatever card(s) you're missing or Booster Items!
  • You can get 60 Security Badges from playing 3 Ranked Duels every day.

Drop Rewards

Goyo Chaser
Jutte Fighter
Search Striker
Samurai Sword Baron
Gate Blocker
Handcuffs Dragon
Assault Dog

Level-Up Rewards

These are the cards and skills he can attain, you can view the full list on the Skills page!

Handcuffs Dragon
Pursuit Chaser
Jutte Fighter
Montage Dragon
Level Skill
4 Let's Go Goyo!
13 Reinforcements
20 Respect My Authority!

EX Jewel Rewards

You can trade for the following cards as wells as Booster Items.

Goyo Chaser
Search Striker
Samurai Sword Baron
Nomadic Force
Zero Force
Assault Dog
Anti-Fusion Device
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Cumulative Rewards

By reaching the maximum (4.1 million points) you will obtain:

  • 340 Gems
  • 1 UR Jewels
  • 2 SR Jewels
  • 300 R Jewels
  • 160,000 Gold
  • 3 EXP Booster
  • 2 Extra Card Booster
  • 2 Extra Life Booster
  • 3 Results Booster
  • 80 Security Badge

You can also obtain a card sleeve, game mat and icon at 0.8 million, 1.9 million and 4.1 million points respectively.

[gallery](/img/pages/farming/game-mats-card-sleeves-icons/card-sleeves/card-sleeve-145.jpg, /img/pages/farming/game-mats-card-sleeves-icons/game-mats/game-mat-157.png, /img/pages/farming/game-mats-card-sleeves-icons/icons/icon-166.jpg)

If you want this Loading... game mat for 100 summons check out our guide with decks that allow you Synchro summon around 20 times per duel!