Event Information

  • This is a PvP event in which you play Duels against other players for Lottery Coins and other Rewards
  • Choose which area the Duel takes place in to gain an Attribute-Based EX Skill!
  • Play cards that match your Attribute to get bonus Assessment!
  • Collect Star Chips with each duel, collect 100 Star Chips to Duel Maximillion Pegasus
  • Defeat Pegasus to receive Treasure Boxes that contain event rewards!
  • This Event Lasts from August 9th to August 16th
  • Additionally, Legendary Duelists will spawn in Duel World (DM). Defeat them to earn points and Star Chips!
  • Gain 50 Gems Daily by participating in Duelist Kingdom Duels.

EX Skills

  • EX Skills give a Static ATK boost to monsters of your attribute, and an activated ability to boost the ATK of those monsters even further.
  • Each attribute offers more and less powerful boosts (For Example, FIRE can be +600 ATK and LIGHT can be +100 ATK)
  • Additionally, the +600 Skills also give the user an "EX+" ability, which adds one of the following cards to their opening hand (depending on attribute, for example FIRE gets Loading... ):
    Ghost Ship
    Jewels of the Valiant
    Fishborg Launcher
    The Rock Spirit
    Pilica, Descendant of Gusto
  • EX Skill strength will update every day based on popularity.


Treasure Box

The following cards can be obtained from this chest in addition to Gold or EX Jewels:

Rainbow Treasure Box

Update Jammer

Gold Treasure Box

Smashing Horn
Shield Spear
Magma Dragon
Summon Gate
Heroic Gift

Silver Treasure Box

Smashing Horn
Shield Spear
Magma Dragon
Summon Gate
Heroic Gift
Commander of Swords
Battle Steer

Notable Cumulative Rewards

Points Reward
2000 20 Gems
25000 20 Gems
45000 30 Gems
55000 Loading...
70000 30 Gems
96000 30 Gems
120000 Card Sleeves: Duelist Kingdom (Forest)
144000 30 Gems
160000 Loading...
168000 40 Gems
196000 30 Gems
220000 30 Gems
230000 Game Mat: Duelist Kingdom (Forest)
262000 30 Gems
290000 30 Gems
310000 Loading...
320000 30 Gems
350000 30 Gems
360000 Icon
380000 30 Gems
400000 40 Gems
410000 Title

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