Event Information

  • This is a PvP event in which you play Duels against other players for Lottery Coins and other Rewards
  • Choose which area the Duel takes place in to gain an Attribute-Based EX Skill!
  • Play cards that match your Attribute to get bonus Assessment!
  • Collect Star Chips with each duel, collect 100 Star Chips to Duel Maximillion Pegasus
  • Defeat Pegasus to receive Treasure Boxes that contain event rewards!
  • This Event Lasts from May 6th to May 12th
  • Additionally, Legendary Duelists will spawn in Duel World (DM). Defeat them to earn points and Star Chips!
  • Gain 50 Gems Daily by participating in Duelist Kingdom Duels.

EX Skills

  • EX Skills give a Static ATK boost to monsters of your attribute, and an activated ability to boost the ATK of those monsters even further.
  • Each attribute offers more and less powerful boosts (For Example, FIRE can be +600 ATK and LIGHT can be +100 ATK)
  • Additionally, the +600 Skills also give the user an "EX+" ability, which adds one of the following cards to their opening hand (depending on attribute, for example FIRE gets Loading... ):
    Box of Friends
    Dark Eruption
    Ice Barrier
    Fire Formation - Tenki
    Rescue Rabbit
    Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi
  • EX Skill strength will update every day based on popularity.


Treasure Box

The following cards can be obtained from this chest in addition to Gold or EX Jewels:

Rainbow Treasure Box

Obsessive Uvualoop
Archfiend's Staff of Despair
Sweet Corn
Blast Sphere
All-Out Attacks

Gold Treasure Box

Sweet Corn
Blast Sphere
All-Out Attacks
Spiral Spear Strike
Dice Re-Roll
Harpie Lady 3
Legendary Sword
Curse of Dragon

Silver Treasure Box

Spiral Spear Strike
Dice Re-Roll
Harpie Lady 3
Legendary Sword
Curse of Dragon
Harpie Lady
Pendulum Machine
Hitotsu-Me Giant
Parrot Dragon

Notable Cumulative Rewards

Points Reward
2000 20 Gems
11000 30 Gems
25000 Loading...
30000 30 Gems
50000 30 Gems
70000 Card Sleeves: Duelist Kingdom (Wasteland)
75000 30 Gems
95000 40 Gems
100000 Loading...
115000 40 Gems
135000 50 Gems
140000 Game Mat: Duelist Kingdom (Wasteland)
152000 50 Gems
178000 50 Gems
202000 50 Gems
210000 Loading...
240000 50 Gems
250000 Icon
270000 60 Gems
300000 70 Gems
310000 Title

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