March 21st Update

Event Information

  • Roa Kassidy is here as an unlockable Legendary Duelist!
  • Duel against Legendary/Standard Duelists and in Ranked Duels to collect "Microphones" which you use to Duel the Legendary Duelist at the gate.
  • Unlock Roa Kassidy on March 19th, and Skills (Get Ready to be Amped Up! and RoaRomin Advance ) on March 20th and 21st
  • You can get 120 Microphones playing 3 Ranked Duels every day.

Roa Kassidy Drop Rewards

"Farming" Decks


  • Since Rush Dueling doesn't have the same mechanics as Speed Dueling and has a much more limited card pool at the moment. "Farming" as you've come to expect isn't as feasible, especially for Free-to-Play Players.
  • Roa's Deck has cards like Loading... that make it near-impossible to wall-up against, the "Beetle Farm"Strategy also does not work as well against his deck has multiple 1600 ATK monsters to clear them. Best bet is to go for a quicker Duel with as much Assesement as possible.

Defense Farm Deck, by PK_Kun

30 cards


  • Set as many of your monsters as possible, The opponent has no way to deal with Defense Position monsters so you're safe as long as you can keep producing monsters.

  • Set any and all copies of Loading... to keep fueling your hand and hopefully mitigate Loading... losses.

Final Turn

  • When you have at least one Loading... and (ideally) one card left in deck. Normal Summon as many monsters as possible (for Glossy/Legend Points), Tribute Summon your Spice, use all of your Spice Effects and Loading... on a single Spice.

  • Finally, attack the weakest monster for victory!


  • The Normal Monsters chosen here were to adhere to a "Free-to-Play" decklist as closely as possible (This deck only requires 1 Main BOX and less than 1 Mini BOX runthrough. Feel free to replace any Normal Monsters with stronger ones, or Glossy ones (whatever you have). You can also include another copy of Spice to potentially curtail any potential Card Destruction losses (but it does also increase the chance of bricking with too many unplayables over time).

Roa Kassidy Lvl 40 Decklist

30 cards

If you have a unique "farm" deck, spot a mistake or just want to say something post it in the comments below!