Event Information

  • This is a PvP event in which you play Turbo Duels against other players for Lottery Coins and other Rewards
  • You can only Duel as 5Ds or ARC-V Characters in the Event
  • Unlock new sets of EX Skills throughout the Event
  • This Event Lasts from March 10th to March 16th
  • Gain 50 Gems Daily by participating in TDGP


Lottery Rewards

The following cards and items can be drawn by the event only Lottery:

Reptilianne Naga
Rose Girl
Back to Square One
Turbo Booster
Absurd Stealer
Scarlet Security
Mirror Resonator
Dragonic Guard
Blackwing - Brisote the Tailwind
Anti-Fusion Device
Virus Cannon
Morphtronic Magnen Bar
Ancient Lizard Warrior

Most of these can also be purchased from the EX Shop.

Grade-Up Rewards

Beginner Cup

  • 40 Gems
  • TDGP #10 Sleeves

Standard Cup

Elite Cup

Master Cup

  • 10 Skill Chips
  • 370 Gems
  • Icon
  • Title
1 UR Jewel
1 SR Jewel
5 R Jewels
20 EX Jewels
10 EX Jewels
5 EX Jewels
1 EX Jewels
10 Gems
5 Gems
1 Gem
3000 Coins
2000 Coins
1000 Coins
600 Coins
300 Coins
10 White Gate Keys
5 White Gate Keys
10 Black Gate Keys
5 Black Gate Keys
10 Blue Gate Keys
5 Blue Gate Keys
10 Red Gate Keys
5 Red Gate Keys
10 Yellow Gate Keys
5 Yellow Gate Keys
10 Green Gate Keys
5 Green Gate Keys

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