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The Different Dimension Tower is back and this time the D.D. Guide will take you on a trip to the Wind and Earth Dimension. Battle against Thunder Kid, Nisashi and Karate Man through 40 floors to reach the top and obtain Loading... !

Event Information

  • This event lasts from the 9th to the 16th of March.
  • Your life points carry over between duels in the event.
  • If your life points hit 0, you must wait until they recover or use a LP Potion.
  • You can obtain 3 LP Potions a day from playing Ranked Duels.
  • Clearing floors and completing specific missions will gain you D.D. Orbs, which can be used to open the D.D. Box with event exclusive card rewards.

New Cards

The cards have been unanimously categorised as bad by the competitive community.

Super Rare Cards

Des Volstgalph

Rare Cards

Mist Valley Watcher
Madolche Chouxvalier
Roc from the Valley of Haze
Gust Fan

Normal Cards

Madolche Cruffssant
Madolche Chickolates

Water Dimension Pack

If you missed out on the last D.D. Tower - Water event, you have another chance to obtain its exclusive cards in the Water Dimension Pack found in the D.D. Box.

Medium of the Ice Barrier
Gishki Ariel
Gishki Natalia
Gishki Emilia
Water Girl
Ice Water