• Duel Capsule is a passive event where you receive Capsules with prizes from the Capsule Machine automatically by Dueling!
Capsule Reward
Black Capsules Cards or Card Tickets
Rainbow Capsules Gems or Box Chips
Yellow Capsules Gold or Skill Chips
Blue Capsules Jewels or Duel Orbs
Green Capsules Gate Keys or Stones
  • Obtain a Capsule by using 3 Capsule Coins, earn Capsule Coins by Dueling!
Duel Coins for Victory Coins for Loss
Standard Duelist(s) 1 0
Legendary Duelist(s) 2 1
The Vagabond 9 2
Ranked Duels 9 2
Duelist Kingdom Event 9 2


Zerrziel, Ruler of the Evil Eyed

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