A new round has started, this time it's either Team Joey with Beast-Warriors or Team Tristan with Warriors, who will prevail?! As before, for each monster of the same type as your team you summon, you get 50 bonus duel assessment points.

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Event Information

  • This is a brand new team PvP event which plays out exactly like ranked duels (albeit with better and more frequent rewards) and contributes to your cumulative victories!
  • This event takes place from June 26th to July 6th.
  • You choose your team, which changes every 2 days from the event start. The options for the first two days are either Dragons (Team Seto Kaiba) or Spellcasters (Team Yami Yugi). The only difference between the two being you get a 50 point duel assessment bonus for each monster you summon of that type.

Unlock Espa Roba!

You unlock Espa Roba pretty easily at 27,000 points, these are his level-up reward cards:

Ancient Telescope
Mesmeric Control
Jinzo 7
Jinzo - Returner
Jinzo - Lord
Jinzo - Jector

These are the skills he can attain, you can see the full list for all characters in Skills:


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