Event Information

  • This is a PvP event in which you play Turbo Duels against other players for Lottery Coins and other Rewards
  • You can only Duel as 5Ds Characters in the Event
  • Unlock new sets of EX Skills throughout the Event
  • This Event Lasts from July 6th to July 12th
  • Gain 50 Gems Daily by participating in TDGP


Lottery Rewards

The following cards and items can be drawn by the event only Lottery:

Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Mighty Warrior
Synchro Back
Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings
Central Shield
Horse of the Floral Knights
Double Attack
Deal of Phantom
Madolche Chickolates
Ally of Justice Rudra
Terrorking Salmon
Ancient Lizard Warrior
Spike Seadra

Most of these can also be purchased from the EX Shop.

Grade-Up Rewards

Beginner Cup

  • 40 Gems
  • TDGP #3 Sleeves

Standard Cup

  • 10 Skill Chips
  • 150 Gems
  • TDGP #3 Mat

Elite Cup

  • 10 Skill Chips
  • 200 Gems
  • Icon

Master Cup

  • 20 Skill Chips
  • 310 Gems
  • TDGP #3 Master 1 Player Title
1 UR Jewel
1 SR Jewel
5 R Jewels
20 EX Jewels
10 EX Jewels
5 EX Jewels
1 EX Jewels
10 Gems
5 Gems
1 Gem
3000 Coins
2000 Coins
1000 Coins
600 Coins
300 Coins
10 White Gate Keys
5 White Gate Keys
10 Black Gate Keys
5 Black Gate Keys
10 Blue Gate Keys
5 Blue Gate Keys
10 Red Gate Keys
5 Red Gate Keys
10 Yellow Gate Keys
5 Yellow Gate Keys
10 Green Gate Keys
5 Green Gate Keys

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