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Event Information

  • Téa Gardner has returned - get your Fairy cards to strengthen your Counter Fairy Deck!
  • This event takes place from July 17th to July 23rd.
  • Dueling against Legendary/Standard Duelists as well as the Vagabond in Duel World will increase the chance of Superb Téa appearing.
  • Superb Téa will only appear in Duel World (DM) - not in GX!
  • Superb Téa does not appear at the gate and the chance of her appearing is not affected by dueling at the gate.
  • Dueling Vagrants doesn't affect the spawn rate.

Drop Rewards

Voltanis the Adjudicator
Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
Herald of Purple Light
Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
Divine Punishment
Harvest Angel of Wisdom
Photon Booster
Guiding Light
Constellar Belt
Light of Judgment

Event Missions

Mission Reward
Win 1 Duel against Superb Téa Loading...
Win 3 Duels against Superb Téa Loading...
Win 7 Duels against Superb Téa Loading...
Play 15 Duels against Superb Téa Loading...

Top Player Council Thoughts

Whybona says:


Negative1 says:

Where was this when Cyber Angels were relevant? None of these have meta relevance right now, but Konami has been releasing a lot of light attribute support so who knows; might have value later.

skillShot says:

I think Counter Fairies might be more viable with this support, but will need testing.

look at god says:

Loading... is strong, but won't save the deck, maybe people will play Loading... Counter Fairies with him to get maximum value of his effect. I don't think there's enough traps in the meta that specifically give Counter Fairies trouble for Loading... to see play, theres also no card to gain advantage off being discarded by its effect. Loading... is a cool trap, but with no way to mitigate the cost it's not that powerful.