July 30th

Zane Lvl: 60 will now appear as an option for "Underworld Duels", defeat him to get a ton of points!

zane level 60

There's no need to farm him since the 6,000 point victory bonus along with the 2,000 for winning nets you 8,000 duel assessment anyway!

zane level 60

July 27th

Zane Lvl: 50 will now spawn in Duel World (GX) with a stronger deck in tow!

zane level 50

There are also new event missions with 100 gems up for grabs!

Mission Reward
Win 1 Duel with Loading... in your Deck, while playing as Zane Truesdale 10 Gems
Summon Loading... 1 time in Duel World 20 Gems
Summon Loading... 2 times in Duel World 20 Gems
Summon Loading... 3 times in Duel World 20 Gems
Reduce your opponent's LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with Loading... 30 Gems

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Event Information

  • Zane Truesdale has returned, bringing with him fearsome Cyberdark cards, defeat him to obtain them all!
  • This event takes place from July 23rd to August 3rd.
  • Duel against Legendary/Standard Duelists and in Ranked Duels to collect "Genex Medals" which you use to duel Zane at the gate.
  • You can get 100 Genex Medals from playing 5 Ranked Duels.
  • For the first time there is a "Reward Multiplier" at the gate just like against Standard Duelists. Use "x 1" until you get a playset of all the cards then duel Zane Lvl: 10 at "x 3" to get lots of EXP!
  • Obtain EX Jewels by dueling Zane to use at the Card Trader EX to trade for whatever card(s) you're missing or Booster Items!
  • There are 4 new Booster Items:
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